Full of fake promises

By Megan Pellegrino
March 27, 2008

philadelphia inquirer/mct

Vote Hillary, make history,” is the slogan posted and plastered all over America in signs, bulletins, buttons and t-shirts.

Make history? America, what kind of history do you plan on making?

Is it the history that Clinton will create 36 hours in a day to run all her campaign promises? Or is it the history of keeping the American tradition recently created of having our democracy become a patriarchy?

What about the fact that she is a woman? Are you making history voting for a woman, although highly unqualified?

Has anyone ever looked at Clinton’s campaign? For once America, think about it. Yes, we are highly involved in the Iraqi War, and it is not the greatest war ever but is it honestly possible to pull out of war in three simple easy steps? I do not think so.

What about healthcare? It would be great for everyone to have healthcare and the payments based on income but is that honestly fair? We are trying to create equality not a helpless society. Clinton’s plan for healthcare brings pity onto lower class citizens. Way to go America!

Clinton’s plan is to put an end to global warming, while creating millions of jobs. Her plan, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent, and by reducing foreign oil imports by 10 million barrels a day by the year 2030. Honestly Clinton, where are we getting our oil from then and this is a major aspect to the end of global warming? Wow!

Clinton claims that she is real. Do we really know the true Hillary Clinton? I for one feel her promises are so over the top she is just going to become another president making no impact while in office.

The Hillary I know has a fake personality who needs to stop being so defensive in debates and check into reality with her oh so many impossible campaigning plans.

As it stands today, Hillary Clinton, you do not have my vote!

Megan Pellegrino

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