Free news a must on college campuses

By Vickie Papageorge
February 1, 2007

As college students who are preparing themselves to venture out into the real world, I believe that we need to be informed now of what is occurring daily inside and outside of Cabrini’s campus.

Most of us will be out in the real world, going to work everyday, and being a part of the everyday happenings that we hear on the news.

To know what is happening around us and to feel the need to pick up a newspaper once in awhile is a big deal in the world today.

The Loquitur prints a newspaper weekly that is distributed each Friday on campus so the entire student body, faculty and community can read and enjoy. They are also being informed of what is happening around campus, around the community and in the world.

I believe the entire campus would benefit even more by having free newspapers on campus consistently.

If we are introduced to the idea of having newspapers in our reach daily, I believe it will be easier for most students to want to be informed and to pick up the newspaper as they are walking to class or going to lunch.

The act of having free newspapers around could benefit the entire college as a whole. The students that live in a small community of Cabrini that is peacefully enclosed will be informing themselves more and more of what is going on around them.

The brand new televisions can also be used for this purpose. While eating breakfast and having coffee in Jazzman’s Caf

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Vickie Papageorge

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