Free Tuition: Will it help the students or put the US in more debt?

By Katherine Briante
April 27, 2016

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Student debt is something the majority of college students will have to eventually deal with. Photo Credit: Creative Commons

In the matter of voting for the the next president, many students often have a lot to consider. One of the main topics of conversation is college and college tuition. In the debates surrounding the upcoming election, the topic of free tuition has been discussed quite a bit and has been met with very mixed reactions.

There are many people are for free tuition, saying that it will make college more accessible to lower-income families allowing their children to get a well-paying job and make more money. However, there are others who are very against it. They wonder where the money will come from to pay for free college and they are worried that it will give more power and control to the government.

In the state that our country-and our country’s economy-is in, it would be be very difficult to pay for the tuition of every student in the country. There are millions of college students in the United States and to pay the complete tuition for every single one of them would be unrealistic.

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Education is very important, but also very expensive. Photo Credit: Creative Commons

Our country in is already in massive amounts of debt, and even if we were able to take money from other sources it still would not be enough to cover the tuition of everyone who is planning to go to college and then all of the people who would attend now that money is not an issue.

Then we must also consider the issue of private vs public schools. Would the government pay only the tuition for public school or would they cover it for private schools as well? Can they pay for the tuition of students attending a private school? Would there no longer be a distinction between public and private schools?

What the government should do is help to reduce the price of tuition so that it is affordable for people in low income households while not throwing the country into even more debt.

They should leave private schools alone because they are private institutions for a reason. They should only be dealing with state schools because they already have a connection with them.

The government should make an effort to reduce to price of public college tuition by enough that a college education would be more accessible for everyone.

Like they do now for aid money, the reduction in tuition should be based on your financial situation so that you pay as much as you can handle and it is that much less money for the government to put up.

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There is not yet a solution for paying the high cost of tuition completely, but there needs to be one. Photo Credit: Creative Commons

Now at this point things are all speculation, especially for people who are not economists. Until these measures are put into place there is no sure-fire way to tell how this will affect the economy, the education system or the country in general. However, this needs to be something that people are talking about and discussing. Education is incredibly important and everybody should have the opportunity to get one.  

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Katherine Briante

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