Flakey internet hampers students

By Melissa DiPietrantonio
November 7, 2002

I find it unbelievably frustrating when I am trying to write a research paper using the Internet, and all of a sudden- BOOM! The server goes down. This is not just something that happens once in a while. No, no. it happens at least twice a week, and Instant Messenger kicks me off everyday.

We depend on our college to provide a good, reliable Internet service. It is not just me who feels this way. I could give you a large list of people who agree. I am in the midst of chatting with my sister, who I do not get to see very often, or having a good conversation with an old high school friend, and I am forced to sign off. This may sound trivial to someone who is not an avid Internet user, but most people I know are constantly signed on their Instant Messenger accounts with an away message posted.

And another thing! Many Cabrini teachers rely on the Internet as a means of receiving students’ papers and homework. How are we supposed to send them our papers if we can’t get online? How are we supposed to take the posted quizzes if we can’t get online? And what if we have a question to ask and we don’t have their numbers?

Not only does the server constantly go down, but when we actually do have it, it is incredibly slow. I’ve been to a few different colleges and spoke to a few different people and it seems as if Cabrini is the only school with this problem. It took me 25 minutes to send one e-mail the other day! If that’s not slow, I don’t know what is.

It is supposed to be something like 10 times faster this year, but it seems to be 10 times slower. I used to be able to download a song in less than 30 seconds. Now it takes quite a few minutes, if it even works.

We have received a number of broadcast messages from the information technology and resources department telling us the network is down. Oh, thanks a lot, as if we didn’t already know that! I don’t know why they waste their time sending out obvious messages, when they should be using that time to fix whatever the problem is.

No one has any time for the Internet to be unavailable. As college students, we have very busy, hectic lives. We have a massive amount of homework and assignments to do, and when we need to use the Internet, we need to use the Internet!

The people in the ITR department need to figure out and fix this problem immediately. We do not have the time to deal with this nonsense.

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Melissa DiPietrantonio

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