Flag football frenzy

By Christine Graf
October 18, 2007

Cabrini students embraced the opportunity to participate in flag football, an intramural sport offered through the Dixon Center.

Every Sunday starting at 6 p.m. it is not uncommon to hear the roar of Cabrini students battling it out on the turf in hopes of achieving the Cabrini flag football championship on Dec. 2.

There are six teams in the league and each team plays three games every Sunday. There are also four Cabrini student referees who are paid to officiate the games. “It is more serious than someone might think,” Brian Coary, a senior marketing major, said.

Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem, The Fighting Amish and Top Gun are some team names to name few, there is good reason to assume it is only in fun.

Zack Furlong, a senior business major, said that it is definitely fun but also a very competitive and often physical game. Flag football was sparked by the fact that there is no football team currently at Cabrini.

“Cabrini does not have a football team so this is an opportunity to participate in a sport you love without the commitment of a Division III sport,” Shane Evans, an English and communications major, said.

Tim Hague, a senior finance major, is more about the bonding experience. “It is a great time to spend with your friends,” Hague said. There was one aspect that all of the team Top Gun agreed was missing to these perfect Sunday evening of football, and that was not enough fans.

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Christine Graf

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