Facebook connects students at Cabrini

By Christine Blom
September 9, 2005

“Hmmmm, do I want do study for my calculus final or set up my Facebook profile?”

When Cabrini was invited to join the Facebook community, it was the first week of May, which is also know as “final exam week.”

Just mentioning this word in Jazzman’s, you will see everyone’s heads whip around with complete and utter fascination.

Angela Vitale, a sophomore business major, was one of the first members. “I found out about Facebook from my friends at other, much bigger schools,” Vitale said. “Now that everyone knows we have it, I have so many more ‘friends.'”

This cult-obsession among students and alumni all started back in Feb. 2004, thanks to the bright idea of Harvard student, Mark Zuckenberg. Not being for a class project or a homework assignment, Zuckenberg and several friends just created this site all in good humor.

Facebook, is an online community where students of over 300 different colleges and universities can create profiles, post messages on their “walls” for everyone to see, add “friends,” and “poke” each other.

When Cabrini students got word that they would now be able to participate in the newest fad on campus, everyone was thrilled.

“Facebook is sweet because it helps you to get to know a lot more people on campus,” Vitale said.

With the help of Facebook, students can track down people in all their classes, get their contact information, see what they are involved in, and even drop them an instant message if they have a homework question.

Like many other larger universities, Cabrini has Facebook sites for many of the different clubs on campus, like the Student Governement Association, which helps officers and leaders keep in touch with their members, keep them informed and have an open “wall” so that students can leave suggestions and comments.

“I like Facebook because you can send messages to your friends on their walls without having to worry about remembering their e-mail addresses or screen names,” Denis Beovich, a junior computer science major, said, “I can talk to all my boys, my girlfriend, and even my room-mates just by going on Facebook. It’s pretty cool.”

Now, with the expansion of Facebook, they are adding a new branch to it for high school students. Now college kids will be able to communicate with friends who are still in high school and vice versa.

Facebook is also considered one of the newer ways to score a first date. Some people, with the help of this new internet trend, will leave a message on a person’s wall saying, “Hey, I’ve seen you around campus. I think you’re cute so hit me up sometime.”

According to the Washington Post, this happens at other school such as George Washington University. Students use their Facebook as means to “stalk” crushes and long lost loves.

Poking people is one of the features that is completely pointless, but fun at the same time. When you poke someone, the only way they can respond is by poking you back or writing you a message, but it means nothing, according to the official Facebook website.

So for the time being, the best advice is to just keep writing on the walls and keep on poking.

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Christine Blom

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