Editorial: College good at playing rules roulette

By Editiorial Board
March 15, 2001

“Comfort in consistency” is not a phrase that this college strives to uphold. Students can never count on knowing what is around the corner. No one knows what will be happening here from one year to the next and what policies are good and which will be thrown out.

The residence life office sent a letter to the student body saying that any student with more than 89.5 credits would not be allowed to live on campus next year. The college had a planning crisis-thanks to them students suffer once again.

Many students received scholarships that would only remain in effect if they lived on campus during their entire college careers. How are these students going to be held liable for not holding up their end of the bargain when they are not permitted by the school to live on campus?

These students are not being kicked off campus because they are unruly or threatening to the safety of other students. An over-admittance of students and lack of proper planning and development of the campus is to blame for this problem. The characters of these students and their obedience to rules are not in question. Students are now being forced to prove themselves to residence life to remain on campus.

This policy may alleviate the crowding on campus, but why should the student body have to compensate for the inadequacies of this administration. The students pay the bills and make this institution what it is. Retention rates and content students should be important to the powers-that-be of Cabrini College. The college may have a strong enrollment now, but if this garbage of socking students with administrative problems continues, Cabrini College will be a memory. Seize the opportunity and consult the student body with such important decision making.

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Editiorial Board

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