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October 11, 2001

Over saturation can be a very bad thing, but it some cases it is very necessary. For the past four weeks images of the America’s nightmare have been plastered onto almost every magazine and newspaper released. Television news coverage has been going on around the clock trying to keep us up to date with every last detail.

In the past week, America began to bomb sections of Afghanistan (see related news story on page 3.ed) and channels like CNN and MSNBC are broadcasting live footage of the attacks. The problem with this footage, however, is that you can’t see a thing. All you can see is a dark green screen white light flashes in the corners from time to time.

Is it coming to a point where the media is just doing a little too much? We at the Loquitur are guilty of doing the same thing. Four out of the Loquitur’s six covers have dealt with the topic (page 1 contains a story on both the recent bombings as well as an article discussing biological and chemical warfare .ed). There is reasoning behind all of this coverage. What happened to America on Sept. 11 was the one of the biggest, most significant events in our history. For the students of Cabrini, this was a day that we will all remember for the rest of our lives. Something so important doesn’t just deserve the media’s coverage, it requires it. We promise to give you news and events outside of the tragedy but we will continually keep you informed with any new information regarding the tragedy that comes our way.

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