Dr. Joseph Romano

By Maryellen Anastasio
February 4, 2010

Shannon Keough

One of Cabrini College’s professors celebrated 50 years of service to the college on Thursday, Jan. 21. Dr. Joseph Romano commemorated his 50 year anniversary at Cabrini by traveling to New York City for a reception in his honor. Many alumni, friends and colleagues attended to enjoy and honor this great achievement.

Alumni from the first graduating class of Cabrini in 1961 also attended the reception. Romano taught history and philosophy to those seniors when he first arrived at Cabrini in the fall of 1960.

“The reception was terrific. It was great to see old graduates and friends. It was a tremendous time,” Romano said.

Dr. Marilyn Johnson, English professor, remembers the many memories of Romano.

“I have always been impressed with how concerned he is with his students, helping them learn how to learn. He is one person that has always been eager to teach his students that,” Johnson said.

Romano teaches philosophy, baseball and tennis classes at Cabrini, three things that he is very passionate about. Students can find him outside in the fall teaching and playing tennis with his students. Students can also find him in the classroom teaching philosophy to upperclassmen and ECG to freshmen.

“One way to tell how his students view him is at alumni gatherings. They flock around him to talk and to tell him how much they enjoyed his classes,” Johnson said.

“He is very well versed in philosophy. He really gets us to think outside the box during class,” Francesca Pizzigoni, junior math major, said.

Not only do students and alumni take insight and enjoyment away from Romano’s classes, but his students give back to him as well.

“I love teaching and I put all my energy into it. My students give back by inspiring and enlightening me with ideas I may not have ever thought of before,” Romano said.

Romano was also vice president of academic affairs from 1979 to 1988. While he was vice president, he proposed and received approval for the first masters program at Cabrini.

Romano has also taught courses at Villanova and St. Joseph’s University. He taught a logic course to female nurses at Villanova.

“No one would teach them logic at that time because they were women and people thought they weren’t logical,” Romano said.

At St. Joseph’s in 1962, he taught at the only institution that offered night classes for students who worked and wanted to go back to school.

“I’ve been offered full-time positions at other places but have always felt that I have more freedom to teach here at Cabrini,” Romano said.

The last 50 years of Romano’s teaching has been dedicated to his students.

“It doesn’t seem that long. I’ll keep teaching as long as I can,” Romano said.

“He always welcomes students and students enjoy him. He is a genuine, straight forward, kind, honest and brilliant man,” Dr. Thomas Stretton, assistant professor of education, said.

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Maryellen Anastasio

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