Dreisbach could be college’s next provost vice president

By Megan Bernatavitz
January 28, 2010

Shannon Keough

As Cabrini College narrows its search for its next provost and vice president for academic affairs, candidates came to campus and immersed into campus life the week of Jan 11 to 15. Each prospective candidate was taken through vigorous question-and-answer sessions by board members, faculty and students answer sessions with not only board members, but by faculty and students as well.

On Jan. 12, candidate Dr. Joseph Dreisbach of the University of Scranton was put in front of 13 Cabrini College students to answer any questions they may have had.

The question and answer session started out with Dr. Dreisbach giving the students general information about himself, how he started out in 1978 as an assistant professor in chemistry and worked his way up to the associate provost for Academic Affairs at the University of Scranton. Dreisbach, who graduated from LaSalle University in 1971, then listened carefully to students as they asked questions about why he would be a fit on Cabrini’s campus.

Students questioned why he would want to leave the University of Scranton whose school has almost double the enrollment at Cabrini College. His answer was simple. “My current position at the University of Scranton symbolizes my commitment to institution and mission. I very much miss my responsibilities as dean, a place where I had much daily interaction with faculty, students and staff,” Dreisbach said.

“I believe my background, skills, professional and personal priorities, match nicely with what Cabrini College seeks in its chief academic officer.”

Rob Stoop, senior pre-nursing major, asked about the transition from a university to a Catholic liberal arts college: “Do you have any concerns about the transitions?”

“These are places where one can comfortably discuss the place of faith and reason, and the role that each plays in adding to mankind’s understanding of nature, art, the world and the human condition,” Dreisbach said.

The search for Cabrini’s next vice president of academic affairs has come to a close. President Dr. Marie Angellela George and the board of trustees will make the decision.

Megan Bernatavitz

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