If you can dodge a Fall Holiday, you can dodge a ball

By Rachel Antuzzi
October 26, 2012

Students in action during the dodgeball tournament on Oct. 12.

“If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.”

The legendary quote from 2004’s “Dodgeball” was applicable on Cabrini’s campus for one night.

While some Cabrini College students were using the Dean’s Fall Holiday to catch up on sleep and enjoy a three-day weekend, others were using the day as prep time for later that night. 14 individuals used the day to get ready for the dodgeball tournament.

On Friday, Oct. 12, CAP Board held a dodgeball tournament at 8 p.m. Only two of the five teams showed up for the tournament so the CAP Board members running the event had to think quick on their feet. Although there wasn’t a huge turn out of spectators (or participants for that matter), those who did show up were excited and ready for the games to begin.

“I think that more people would have shown up if it were a different weekend,” spectator Kaitlyn Donnelly said. “A lot of people went home for the three-day weekend.”

By 8 p.m. sharp, the CAP Board members got a brand new bracket together, found a third team to play and the tournament started just as planned. The first round was the best two set out of three won the game.

Lil Rey’s Bunnies took the court against David Watson’s team. In the first set, Lil Rey’s Bunnies took the win in less than four minutes, only losing just one player. The second set heated up and both teams fought hard, knocking players out, bringing players back in, however, Lil Rey’s Bunnies came out victorious once again, winning the game.

Next Lil Rey’s Bunnies took on Sarah Means’ team and once again, blew them away in the first set. However, Sarah Means’ team were ready for them and came back, battling for and ultimately winning the next two sets.

Sarah Means’ team versed David Watson’s team next for the final game of the first round. Means’ team won the first set, but Watson’s team came back and fought hard for a victory of their own.

With all three teams tied, the second round was similar to that of knockout; whoever won the first game would go on to play again and whoever won that game would win the tournament; the other two teams would play for second and third place.

It was once again, Lil Rey’s Bunnies and David Watson’s team to kick off the round.

Watson’s team took the court with fire and in a foul sweep won the tournament. They won the first two sets against Lil Rey’s Bunnies like it was nothing. The game against Sarah Mean’s team posed little challenge for Watson’s team as they won the first and third set of the game, earning themselves the win and a $15 iTunes gift card for each of the team members. Their team proved that even a man down the entire tournament, they could still keep up with the teams that had five players and in fact come in first place.

Sarah Means’ team then played Lil Rey’s Bunnies. They took second and won a $10 Sunoco gas card for each of the players. Lil Rey’s Bunnies took third place, even having started out so strong in the beginning.

“You know, it wasn’t all about the win,” Tori Canelli said. “It was a good time to hangout with friends.

“I will definitely play again next year. Hopefully it’s just on a different day so more people will show up and there will be more teams to compete.”

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Rachel Antuzzi

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