Dixon Center: A place for everyone

By Karen Schweizer
October 11, 2001

Trained movement is the reoccurring theme, as is the squeal of sneaker soles on floor wax and the blurry vision caused from being underwater. Individuals come to do shaping. Still others come to have fun.

The Dixon Center is the place on campus where students and community members alike can mingle when they get time between classes, during work lunch breaks or during the day.

Students and community members stated that like the facility. User sticking points however, included the choice of music and the towel policy. Highlights included the condition of the center and the sense of belonging that a participant feels while they are in the gym.

Student Joaquin Ubau agreed that he feels a sense of belonging in the center. “It’s like a family here,” he said, “You get to know who comes in and who goes out.” Ubau uses the gym for weight training and also to get extra adrenaline from his workouts to help him during classes.

Several community members agreed. Former Cabrini staff member Bobbie Rubin stated that she likes the gym but has a suggestion. “I think that the gym should have higher energy music on.” Rubin follows an exercise regimen and says that she likes coming back to Cabrini.

The basketball and the track were the other two largely favored activities through out the community. Community member Henry David said that he likes to come and shoot some hoops or workout when he isn’t working at Radnor corporate center. Freshmen playing basketball stated that the Dixon center is better than some division one schools gyms.

Students generally agreed that the center is a very good place to come and work out and thought that the only problem with the center was the lack of towels.

The Dixon center’s official towel policy is that all users of the facilities must bring their ID card to get a towel. They must sign in at the front desk and they must pay a $1 retainer on each towel. These policies were set into action because of towel theft.

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Karen Schweizer

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