Didn’t pick a major? Don’t worry about it

By Andrew Stettler
April 16, 2009

If you’re like me, you came to college expecting a less restricted version of high school. I expected to live through the next four years by paying little attention to my education and much more to my social life.

Now, having spent one and a half years as an English and communication major, I wish I would have found my calling earlier.

I remember watching Hollywood propaganda like “Van Wilder” where the “hero” always wins by living in the ideal world where drinking and getting girls are the most important things in life.

I somehow believed that success and happiness would be on that path, as if I would somehow find a golden ticket, a high-paying job with little responsibility and even less intrusion of my own time.

After three years of changing majors, wasting credits and time, I found a place at Cabrini where I could use my creativity and talents for the common good while doing something I liked.

When I became an English and communication major, I found a world much larger than what I had seen on that first tour of the campus. I found a world where finding out how to write a news article or how to make a video documentaries could be learned by helping the poorest of the poor on the other side of the globe.

Cabrini has suddenly seemed so much larger than it’s physical self.

In only a year and a half, I learned to film and edit video by creating a piece about President Marie George’s trip to Guatemala. I learned how to interview someone on something that I know little about when I interviewed Drew Arata about the first U.S. Fair Trade town in Media, Pa.

I learned how to run a radio news show by co-producing News at 2, a WYBF news show that brings students up to date on the weekly news and even now I am putting together a documentary about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

How far I have come from playing “Dynasty Warriors 5” until naptime.

I once thought finding a girlfriend in the Marketplace would be the end of my troubles, instead I’ve learned my troubles and my stress are very little in comparison to a college student in Gaza, the Palestinian territory that loses eight hours of power each day and has a population of over 75 percent youth without parents.

I remember back to when I wanted to be a history major, then an accountant major, then an English teacher and none of the paths were right for me. It took me that long to figure out who I wanted to be in the world.

But I think that the shortness in time also helped me. I have completely dedicated myself to journalism. Suddenly, I see everything as a story that everyone needs to know. I recently saw Pat’s Barbershop in Wayne and knew that I had to make a multimedia piece for The Loquitur.

My life has changed and it was because of Cabrini and the English and communication department. I have been empowered by every story I write, every interview, every video piece I edit.

It is important for readers to find their place in the world. If you feel unhappy with your major now, move quick because there will most likely be a lot of catching up to do and though the hurry may be worth it, the sooner you take steps down the right path, the better.

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Andrew Stettler

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