Consequences of sex bring anxiety

By Christina Cimmino
March 29, 2007

Anna Scholl

College is usually the first time that students are free from their parents’ constraints and can do whatever they want when they want to do it. One of these many activities may include first time sexual experiences. Now many of us think that when we are ready then we will do it, but what happens if you’re petrified of “doing the deed?”

According to, sexual aversion disorder is defined as a person having an intense aversion to sexual contact or related experiences and can be caused by a person’s hormonal regulation.

Dr. Melissa Terlecki, assistant professor of psychology, said, “There are many reasons why women are conservative with their choices when it comes to sex. Women in college could have a fear of sex because they do not want to be labeled as ‘sluts.’ Women are punished more for the decisions that they make and men do not feel that way because they are the aggressors.”

However, many students feel that they do not have a fear of sex, but rather they were brought up to save themselves for marriage because of pressure from religion and their parents.

Megan McKenna, a freshman liberal arts major, who is in a long-term relationship, said, “I went to a Catholic school and nuns told me that if I had sex that I would go to hell. I just don’t want to get pregnant or get any diseases.”

“I think sex is an emotional thing and that is why women are uncomfortable with the idea of sex. Women get more attached than men. They also are more self conscious of their bodies,” Justine Caputi, a freshman special education and elementary major, said.

Some symptoms of sexual aversion are a strong dislike of physical contact, having a need to end sexual contact as soon as possible and a need for intimacy before engaging in sexual contact, according to

Some women are most scared of sex because of the consequences it could possibly bring, like pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

Sabina DeGissi, a freshman English and communication major, said, “The guy doesn’t mind getting laid because he has nothing to worry about. Girls have to think about getting pregnant.”

“I think you should be in love before you have sex. I think people should be able to do what they want but they should be ready for what consequences it might bring,” Kelley Sweeny, a freshman liberal arts major, said.

Sexual aversion can be treated and cured by sex therapists; however, these cases are treated as though they are anxiety attacks. Anti-depressants can be prescribed and psychological treatment in recommended.

Caputi thinks that there is no fear of sex only choices to be made. “You should have regrets in your life but not enough to mention off the top of your head. In the end, you wouldn’t do something if you really didn’t want to.”

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Christina Cimmino

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