Coming to Cabrini from Sunshine State

By Megan Bernatavitz
April 16, 2009

Shannon Keough

Throughout freshman year, the most frequently asked question around campus most definitely was, why I came to Cabrini.

I thought that when I came to Cabrini, there would be tons of people from different places around the United States and I would be just another person saying I came from Orlando, Fla. Boy was I wrong. Most students came from right here in Southeast, Pa.

So I bet you are dying to know my answer, right?

Why did I come from Orlando where the sun never stops shining to Radnor, Pa? My answer for the one millionth time: why not?

Why would I not want to come to a college where I can get one-on-one interaction with my teachers? Cabrini is a place where I have finally found what I have been searching for in my education.

In high school, I was never really good at a lot of things. I went to school and just got by with decent grades, but was never enthusiastic about what I was learning.

When I came to Cabrini, I thought I was just going to do the same thing: getting decent but not great grades, never finding anything that I was really thrilled about doing, getting involved but not actually caring and just being miserable in the classroom. Little did I know Cabrini had a different idea for me.

When I finally arrived at Cabrini, I decided to come in undeclared. I tested out almost every major and I thought my parents were going to disown me for switching so many times.

Finally, I took Intro to Mass Communications. In my first week, I knew that this is what I wanted to do. Cabrini allowed me to see what classes I liked, what I didn’t and decide on my own with the help of different advisors what would be best for me.

I would have never received that kind of help at a big university. I would have been stuck in the first major I chose. Could you imagine me as a dentist? Yeah right.

When I came to Cabrini, I never thought I would be as involved in extracurricular activities as I am. I have taken classes, which allowed me to work with every part of the field. I have worked with our radio station, WYBF 89.1 the Burn, I have taken Video Production where I was able to see how Comcast operates and I am Assistant News Editor for our newspaper, the Loquitur (obviously).

Another reason why Cabrini is a great fit for me is because of the atmosphere. The Cabrini community is the main reason I stayed here. I am not going to lie, first semester freshman year, I called my mom crying at least once a day. I missed my friends, I wanted to transfer closer to home, etc. Then I started going out places, mingling with others and finding the people here to be so wonderful. The small college atmosphere is great because you know so many people and a lot of them become really great friends.

Everyone always asks, don’t you miss home? Why would you ever leave the warm weather? Honestly, I do not really miss home; it is part of growing up. I ichat with my family on a regular basis (usually only to see my dog) and I go home almost every time I have break.

As for leaving the warm weather, it is always there when I go home so I usually just go and visit once in a while. My roommates love having someone who lives in Florida; it gives them a chance to “get to know where I grew up”- which is an extremely lame excuse for going to the beach and Disney World.

I know that Cabrini College was the right choice for me. I have everything I could ever want right at my fingertips. Cabrini has given me so many opportunities and I am grateful everyday that I chose to come to Cabrini.

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Megan Bernatavitz

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