Coach Colfer’s new outlook on lacrosse

By Grace Fox
October 9, 2019


Colfer watching the play.  photo by Grace Fox.

Winning the NCAA Division lll championship on May 26 against Amherst College had to of been one of the best things that happened to Cabrini in a long time.  

“We wanted to be the best program in the country, we tried to get men in here that had the same passion and dream.” Steve Colfer, head coach of Cabrini’s men’s lacrosse team, said. 

Colfer started out as an assistant coach in 1997 then soon after, in 2000, he became head coach for the men’s lacrosse team. 

Being the national champions of a Division lll school was a great accomplishment, but the season has to continue and the team may have changed their aspect of the game but can’t say the same thing about Colfer. 

“Our next worry isn’t if we can make another championship win, it’s getting ready for our next game against Haverford on February 15,” Colfer said.

After the championship game, the one that would have changed the most would have been the coaching staff. Like they look at the game after this big accomplishment.

“My outlook did change a bit, this is something I never experienced before as being a coach, but you start to fairly quickly move onto next season.”  Ron Garling, assistant coach of Cabrini’s men’s lacrosse team, said.

The team went through a lot to make it this far, they poured a lot of blood and sweat to get to where they are now as a team. 

Colfer was the one who brought them to victory and made them believe they could make it through that game.

“Colfer has always been an emotional guy but to see how proud he was of all of us left us with a feeling of gratitude for everything he has done for us.” Nick Matty,  junior criminology major said. 

Colfer has worked his whole career for this moment, but that never changed the way he looked at the game or players after that big win. 

“I can’t say he’s changed much because he’s always had the 1-0 mentality for everything we do, he’s the same coach after winning it all as he was before we were even close to getting there,” Matty said. 

Colfer has been a great coach throughout the years, last season he really brought it out on top and for that, he will always be a national championship-winning coach.

This is a picture of Coach Colfer, during fall ball season, he is talking to his players about the play he is trying begin; Photo taken by Grace Fox.

Grace Fox

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