Celebrate National Carmel Month

By Eugene Iacovelli
October 18, 2001

Candy and caramel apples have been a favorite of young and old around Halloween time. Caramel apples coated with peanuts have been a delicious treat for those who trick or treating every October 31. Since these candy and caramel apples are popular around this time of year, one may wonder where they come from?

The month of October is national caramel month. So just in time for Halloween are the thousands of pounds of caramel being used to make candy of all sorts.

The caramel and candy apples are believed to have come about in southern United States some 50 years ago. Within the past 30 years, they have been most famous around Halloween. Because they are so delicious and relatively cheap to make, that they remain popular amongst many even as of today.

All that you need to begin making your own batch of candied apples are:

10 Apples

10 Small sticks

2 cups sugar

1/2 cup light corn syrup

3/4 cup water

1 tsp vanilla

Wash apples thoroughly then dry them. Insert a stick into each apple; combine the water and the sugar. Heat at a low temperature until sugar dissolves. Let the mixture heat until when a spoonful of it can be dropped into a cold glass of water and the candy should be hard and brittle. This should take roughly 45 minutes. Add the food coloring and the vanilla then dip the apples into the mixture. Finally, place the apples on a piece of wax paper so that the candy can harden.

Once you have made your first batch of candied apples then you can move on to greater feats. If so inclined one can make caramel apples of al kinds. Usually caramel apples are coated with peanuts, but M&Ms, chocolate chips, and a variety of nuts can be used. So have fun and get

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Eugene Iacovelli

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