Cavalier spirit: We can’t hear it!

By Meghan Murphy
September 24, 2009

Shannon Keough

I never imagined that would say this, but there have been days where I miss high school. I miss walking through the halls on Fridays seeing all the football players in their jerseys and the hallways being decorated for games or for homecoming weekend. What I’m trying to say is, I miss school spirit.

School spirit has always been very important to me, whether in high school or here at Cabrini College. I have forever viewed school spirit as an opportunity for someone to be proud of being a part of their school. College students are usually the most school spirited, but I guess it pertains to those who only go to larger colleges.

It is hard to listen to the stories that my friends come home with over breaks about how much fun they have all had at the sporting events. I, for one, cannot relate to them.

Here at Cabrini, we lack school pride. It has become one of the most frustrating problems that I have encountered here at school. Whatever happened to doing pep rallies in the fall?

I personally think that some of our sports are not all recognized, and we must change that. I came from a high school that was full of sprit. Every day that there was a home game, the sports teams wore their uniforms, as a way to advertise their games.

Every Thursday night, the cheerleaders would decorate the hallways and outside of school with balloons, streamers and posters for the Friday night football games. Tailgating sessions would go on early Friday evenings before kickoff. I do not for once doubt that students here at Cabrini aren’t proud to be a Cavalier, but only a few amounts really get out there on game days.

Three weeks ago, I attended one of the men’s soccer games. While walking through the crowd to meet up with my friends in the bleachers, I noticed students sparse throughout the bleachers. We need to create a student section, possibly have everyone wear a blue or white shirt. If the athletes see the student section and everyone cheering for them, it could pump them up more. Penn State University has a particular white out game, where all the students attending the football game wear white shirts.

I understand that we are not a big rah-rah school, but there has to be a way for us all to come together to create excitement at the games. Our sports players probably think that their fellow peers could care less about them. The way the games are advertised is poorly done. Possibly the cafeteria can be decorated with blue and white balloons and have large posters that advertise what home game is going on and the time of it.

So we don’t have a football team like Rutgers, Penn State and thousands of other schools across the country, but we do have 18 women and men’s division III sports and seven club sports.

It’s time for us all to realize that Cabrini College is our school. We need to take pride in being a Cavalier and go out there and support our sports teams. One good thing about not being a large rah-rah school is the fact that our games are free!

I am happy to say that the men’s soccer game on Saturday, Sept. 19, was a game that had spirit beaming from all over the stadium. We need to continue to keep the spirit high; if you have spirit, then let’s hear it!

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Meghan Murphy

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