CAP Board “New Moon” event

By Maryellen Anastasio
February 18, 2010

Whether you had a valentine or not, the “New Moon” movie event was a way to enjoy the “Twilight” series and win prizes.  CAP Board sponsored the movie event and gave away free photo key chains and raffled off prizes.

“We were expecting a better turnout, but with the snow and all the days off I think a lot of students went home for the weekend,” John Solewin, junior political science major, said.

Last year, CAP Board’s Valentine’s Day presentation was “Twilight”, the first movie of the series, and the group received an excellent turnout.  This year, CAP thought it would be a good idea to show the second installment.

“I think ‘Twilight’ did better, but we had about 30 students attend the ‘New Moon’ movie.  Overall it was a good event,” Solewin said.

Couples and singles came out to enjoy the movie before Valentine’s Day hit the next day.

“I went with my girlfriend.  We both enjoy the ‘Twilight’ series and we saw the movie on the day before Valentine’s Day last year, so we decided to make it a tradition this year,” Derreck Shenk, junior biology major, said.

“Twilight” was a huge hit in print and in theaters.  The romantic fantasy story of Bella and Edward is captured on paper by author Stephenie Meyer.  The book was No. 1 on the New York Times Best-Seller list. The movie was No. 1 opening weekend as well.

“I really enjoyed reading the books and so did my boyfriend. Going to see the movie together was a lot fun,” Aimee Giaccio, junior biology major, said.

The event was more than just sitting in the Widener Lecture Hall watching the movie.  CAP Board raffled off movie posters, the ‘Twilight’ Scene-It board game and a couple of movies as well.

“It was nice that they gave out keychains, because I didn’t win anything from the raffle,” Shenk said.

“I think we did a good job of advertising the event, but with all the snow we got that week it made it hard to spread the word.  It was a successful event though,” Peter Morrison, sophomore Spanish and education major, said.

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Maryellen Anastasio

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