Wing Bowl satisfies student cravings

By Jennifer Cannon
October 17, 2012

The rarest of occasions in college is finding delicious food for free, let alone food from Cavs’ Corner. But this odd occurrence left many Cabrini students such as senior Ali Thompson saying, “OMG my mouth is burning!”

CAP Board held its annual Wing Bowl where students show up to either compete by making the best wing sauce, or just to munch on some wings. Four teams entered to see who could prepare the spiciest, the yummiest and the most popular wings.

The teams were given a table full of ingredients such as Tabasco sauce, brown sugar, barbeque sauce and lots of different spices and other possible additions. Their table had a large plate of plain breaded chicken wings, a bowl to mix their ingredients, tongs, gloves, celery, ranch and blue cheese. They could plate their creation however they like but they only had 10 minutes to do so.

Sophomore Gabby Aiello and her friends had piles of napkins and empty cups of water by the time they were done.

“Even the plain ones were good,” Aiello said, “and I love free food!”

The event was held on Monday, Oct. 15 at 8 p.m. There was about 50 people who came out to taste test and CAP Board kept them all busy with popular music playing and a good view of the food being prepared. Event planners Andrea Broe and Caitlyn Canfield worked hard in preparation but got to enjoy the wings too.

“My favorite part was watching the contestants scramble to make their sauce and taste it to make sure it was perfect,” Canfield said.

The consensus of the night seemed to be that every team’s wings were delicious but a winner needed to be picked. The spectators placed their ballots, ranking the four teams on who they liked the best. First prize of gift cards to Olive Garden went to the team called “The Boys Are Back” which consisted of Mike Pontoriero, Greg Stevens, Brandon Mincer and Chris Abbate.

The winning team was ecstatic.

“We put a lot of love into this sauce. A lot of love and a lot of soy sauce,” Pontoiero said. People said their wings were tangy instead of extremely spicy and that is why they liked them best.

“We actually thought this was a wing eating competition, so we just “winged” it!” Mincer said.

The other three teams went on the spicier side, which made the audience run to grab water to cool off their taste buds. Some people were even too “chicken” to taste the ones that everyone said were very hot.

Junior Amy Cimo from team “Strictly Wings,” the second place winners, had a blast competing.

“We went Paula Dean on this sauce, plenty of melted butter and hot sauce,” Cimo said. She couldn’t stop eating her team’s wings as well as trying everyone else’s.

It is not often Cabrini students get to showcase their chef skills, or get treated to wings without having to wait for Campus Corner to deliver. Wing Bowl 2012 certainly satisfied everyone’s cravings.




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Jennifer Cannon

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