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By Renee Tomcanin
February 14, 2002

A Backwards Universe

Galaxy NGC 4622 is apparently dyslexic. Rather than rotating in a counter-clockwise motion like in most galaxies, the outer arm of NGC 4622 moves clockwise. The Hubble 2 telescope first sighted the galaxy in May 2001. Scientists are looking for an explanation for this phenomenon, but for now, they are attributing it to a galactic collision.

From the BBC website (bbc.co.uk)

Dead Alive

Seventy-five year old Frances Foster of Brooklyn, N.Y. died twice over the weekend. Paramedics found her Saturday afternoon after she had suffered from a stroke. They pronounced her dead and placed her in a body bag. She later woke up inside and was released. She was rushed to the hospital and died Monday morning.

“She could have been in the hospital being taken care of,” Karen Foster Littlejohn, Foster’s daughter, said. The paramedics have been placed on desk duty until the investigation is complete.

From Newsday.com

Remedy of Champions

Australian aerial freestylist Jacqui Cooper has a concoction that she says helps her heal faster. After a recent back injury, Cooper crushed cockroaches and put it in her Diet Coke. She says it killed her stomach but healed her vertebrae. She uses it to clean out her system and “draw out the bad blood.”

Cooper may have to choke down the mixture again in hopes to compete in the Salt Lake City Olympics. She may have to pull out of competition as the result of a knee injury.

From ABC Online (abc.net.au)

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Renee Tomcanin

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