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October 4, 2001

Woman finds a dead frog in custard pudding

A woman in Japan found a four-centimeter-long dead frog in a custard pudding. The woman says a member of her family found the frog after opening the container. The manufacturers of the custard say that it was an isolated incident and the company isn’t planning on recalling any of its products.

Website dedicated to urinals

A website, which was dedicated to urinals, has recently placed a female urinal among its top five toilets from around the world. The ladies facility comes complete with a funnel and can be found at the Dairy Queen in Port Charlotte, Florida.

The urinal net also contains a gallery, message board, shop, and United States urinal map. One of the founders, Joe U Rinator, of San Francisco, says he and his friends were inspired after coming across many different urinals while touring Europe.

Here are the top five places to pee away your time:

The facilities at Kowloon Sheraton Hotel and Towers in Hong Kong are considered the best in the world.

The public restrooms of Rothesy on the Isle of Bute are so wonderful that Prince Charles decided to visit them.

Facilities at the Millenium Dome.

The long outdoor urinal, which is set up once a year for the New York Marathon.

So now you have it. At any point of your lives, visit these glorious urinal attractions that are so well known and popular.

Bull attacks car at road junction

A motorist had his car attacked by a bull as he waited on a main road in Bhutan. As the man waited for the traffic to clear the bull simply pummeled his Hyundai. It rammed its horns into the side of the vehicle and smashed the wing mirror before running off. The bull escaped unhurt. Fortunately, the man driving the car was also without external injuries also.

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Staff Writer

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