Awareness of go green movement makes impact on everyday living

By Alyssa Mentzer
October 1, 2009

Shannon Keough

Each decision people make during their everyday lives has an impact on our planet. Whether people realize it or not, the fate of the environment is in our hands.

With the power to make a change lingering among us, we can join the ongoing movement and go green.

People around the world have been going green since they realized our planet was in danger. While some people are making small changes, others are drastically changing their way of life.

There are so many ways to make our lifestyle green. People can start by reusing and recycling.

One-third of all food purchased by consumers goes to waste. To help this effort, before people pile everything they see into a shopping cart, they should think about how many are being fed. If dinner is only for two people, then enough food to feed an army is unnecessary.

Also, remember to recycle plastic, glass, metal and paper. With every item recycled, that is one step closer to a healthier environment. Do not leave water running and take shorter showers. Always turn the lights, radio, computer or television off when leaving a room. With the flick of a switch people can conserve so much energy.

Even the simplest thing, like using an energy saving lightbulb, can make a difference.

“I don’t think I’m saving the world or anything by using four or five eco-friendly light bulbs in my house, but I am trying to make the effort to be better,” Kate Riddle, sophomore undeclared major, said.

By using a compact fluorescent lightbulb [CFL], consumers are using 75 percent less energy than an incandescent lightbulb. A CFL will last 10 times longer and pay for itself within six months.

Aside from taking steps to make our world more green, the go green movement, along with Web sites like, are trying to spread awareness. The more people that are educated about going green, the more likely they are to make changes.

“I am aware of the go green movement. I always recycle and turn off lights when I leave the room. I even got my younger cousins to register for Disney’s ‘Friends For Change’ campaign so they can be more educated on going green,” Tara Evison, senior psychology major, said.

Our planet is in danger and people must take a look at the choices they are making because they are affecting the place that we like to call home.

“I really think we need to take a step back and realize we are not the only thing on this planet. We need to preserve the Earth for future generations because this really is a beautiful place to live,” Josh Prown, junior communication major, said.

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Alyssa Mentzer

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