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Student by day, assistant coach by night

After a life-changing asthma attack her freshman year, Grace Newton would no longer be an athlete. Newton grew up playing three sports: lacrosse, track… Read More

Instagram Can Be A Toxic Mirror

Instagram can be a toxic mirror. Instagram has been proven to be the most harmful social media site than any other platform.   Social… Read More

Education inequality still remains an issue in 2020

In Sub Saharan Africa, Africa 33 million children don’t attend school and 18 million of them are girls. Educating girls in one of the… Read More

March For Our Lives Video

This video demonstrates what current MFOL members are doing to change laws and put an end to gun violence.

Less veggies, more junk: Trump to change school lunches.

Child obesity has been an ongoing issue for several years. 13.7 million children under the age of 19 are obese in America. Many of… Read More

Google pledges to support the next generation of black leaders

Google released one of its biggest and most popular commercials ever, The Most Searched: A Celebration of Black History Makers. The commercial currently has… Read More

Before you drink and drive, don’t.

You’re at a friend’s house and you decide to have a drink or two. You feel slightly buzzed, not drunk. You decide to let… Read More

The untold stories of black soldiers at war

If you’ve watched World War II documentaries or learned about it in school while growing up, you’ve probably never heard of any of the… Read More

Where and how to get the best deals with your student discount

Who doesn’t love a good discount? Whether you have the money to spend or not, there’s no better feeling than saving money on the… Read More

Company offers free TV streaming with a catch

Television has completely taken over our lives. Everyone is always talking about their new favorite movie or series they just binged watched for 12… Read More

March For Our Lives: Ending gun violence

Since 2015, there have been an average of 350 unintentional shootings by children per year, translating to one shooting per day. Nearly 40,000 people… Read More

Voshon Mack? More like Voshon Smack!

Named Atlantic East Conference Rookie of the Year, power forward Voshon Mack is looking to bring home the championship for Cabrini’s men’s basketball team… Read More


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