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Phillies Phever

Baseball fans live their entire lives idolizing guys like Babe Ruth or Joe DiMaggio, and watching postseason promos filled with the best playoff moments of all time. Kirk Gibson limping around the bases after a two-run walkoff homer in the '88 World Series, Toronto's Joe Carter and his winning bomb off Mitch Williams in '93 and Don Larsen's perfect game as a Yankee in '56.

Loqation 10-14-09

Sports Scene: ‘Goalie controversy’ a media fabrication

So I have finally figured it out. The media hates us. That is right. The media hates the Philadelphia Flyers and that is all there is to it. I am over the fact that ESPN does not cover our games because apparently college basketball trumps the National Hockey League.

Cavaliers advance to conference finals

With the game in his hands, senior Charles Bush took the inbound pass, allowed the clock to tick below 30 seconds, and then made his mark. The rest is history. The men's basketball team defeated Keystone College by a score of 64-62 on Tuesday, Feb. 24, but it came down to the very last possession.

Cavaliers edge Eastern in 2-OT thriller

The men's basketball team played driveway rivals Eastern University to a thrilling double overtime victory on Monday, Feb. 9. Although Eastern is no longer a conference foe, the game had the feel of a playoff match. The atmosphere in the Nerney Field House was electric as fans from both schools packed the stands were treated to a well-played game down to the last seconds.

‘Darkest days’ much deeper than steroids

Perhaps it is because I'll never get to play the game that I love on the big stage, I have the ability to see baseball for what it really is: an escape from reality, a childish pasttime and most importantly, a game. A quick read through ESPN headlines reveals the media position in all of this nonsense.

Sports Scene:Arizona, a super disappointment

Had the Super Bowl been a quarter long, instead of four, it would have been one of the greatest games ever played, as Yahoo Sports claimed minutes after the final whistle. But, it was four quarters long, and just another giant snore-fest that got interesting for a few minutes, similar to the National Hockey League's blunder of an all-star game.

Freezin’ for a reason

There he stood, on a bitter cold January morning wearing only a bathing suit and a pair of Crocs, ready to take on the mighty Delaware River. Flexing his arms and smiling for the cameras one last time, Dr. David Dunbar, associate biology professor, dashed into the icy river water with 75 other brave challengers.

‘Nets for Nets’ more than the score

A lay-up finds it's way into the hoop and through the net, generally good for two points. On Thursday, Jan. 22, however, the swooshing sound meant so much more. For each Cavalier basket scored, Catholic Relief Service Ambassadors pledged to donate a Malaria net to West Africa as part of Nets for Nets.

The silent push for post-season

They have yet to lose a game in regulation, currently lead the league in goals, feature the league-leading goal scorer and they are not men's or women's lacrosse. Currently, the most successful team at Cabrini plays on skates and prior to their last game two weeks ago, did it without the luxury of matching jerseys.

Sports Scene:Victory for entire city, generation

I used to ask my grandfather what it was like on that glorious night in 1980 when the Phillies won the World Series. He always told me, aside from the occasional looting of stores, trashing of vehicles and the occasional fires started on the street, that is was a night unlike any other.

Reigned out: delay angers fans

Not even Tug McGraw's ashes were enough to save the Phillies from Mother Nature. Just one game, scratch that, a mere two-and-a-half innings away from perhaps their first World Series championship since 1980, the Philadelphia Phillies were forced to give in to inclement weather.


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