Sports Scene:Arizona, a super disappointment

By Nick Pitts
February 5, 2009

Had the Super Bowl been a quarter long, instead of four, it would have been one of the greatest games ever played, as Yahoo Sports claimed minutes after the final whistle.

But, it was four quarters long, and just another giant snore-fest that got interesting for a few minutes, similar to the National Hockey League’s blunder of an all-star game.

The close score, 27-23, was nothing more than deceiving. The Cardinal’s lone X-Factor, wide reciever Larry Fitzgerald, did what he was supposed to do.

If it had happened earlier and more often, Arizona may have had a chance.

Alas, the Steelers were way too much for them to handle, and that is what was generally expected by everyone who knows anything about football.

When the smoke cleared from all of Bruce’s synchronized fireworks, I saw the Arizona Cardinals as a team that should not have gotten past the Carolina Panthers in the first round.

They didn’t at all deserve the Super Bowl birth they were granted.

Not that Kurt Warner wasn’t a world-class quarterback in his day, but there is no way his team should have beaten Jake Delhomme that bad.

The Panthers choked and the Cards reaped the benefits.

And if the Panthers choked, then the Philadelphia Eagles didn’t even bother to show up.

Really, a team that the Eagles embarrassed on Thanksgiving night, scoring over 40 points without breaking a sweat, just lies down and dies when it means something?

The team doesn’t rally behind Brian Dawkins, playing perhaps his last game on the gridiron?

I guess the stars aligned for the Cardinals, which is a shame, because the Eagles would have more than likely gave big Ben Roethlisberger the pounding of a lifetime had they made it to the big dance.

Not that Philly deserved to be there to begin with, just that Arizona deserved to be there even less than Philly did.

At the end of the day, Arizona was a 9-7 barely-made-it-to-the-playoffs kind of a team who got lucky until the end, and almost knocked off a great team.

Now why couldn’t my Eagles have done that?

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Nick Pitts

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