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UN Ambassador protests with month-long fast

In day 15 of a fast from all food, the executive director of the Alliance to End Hunger urged Cabrini students and faculty to understand the devastating effects of what Congress’ budget cuts could have on those below the poverty line at home and abroad.

Living past HIV: Bart McDermott

Bart McDermott has lived over 20 years HIV positive and still remains healthier than most people living without disease.

Bio major considered dream come true for department

Senior biology major excels in research project.

Unique paths explored at CRS

Students traveled to Catholic Relief Services headquarters to learn more about careers involved with social justice.

New VP brings CRS experience to college: Joan Neal

Former CRS employee plans to help propel social justice curriculum even further.

Eating disorders are more than just poor body image

Desire. It is what drives all humans. The desire to succeed. The desire to be famous. The desire to be beautiful and wonderful. The… Read More

10 Movies to watch single or taken

10 movies to watch if you're single and taken

PersonaCards in time for Valentines Day

With two weeks until Valentine's Day, cartoonist gets personal with Personacards.

Top Fives

The top fives in music, movies and videos of the week!

A hidden treasure in Wayne

A warm and welcoming shop in Wayne keeps customers browsing with its eclectic gifts and friendly owner.

Movie Review: ‘Sinister’

Most American horror films these days go for the cheap, jump-in-your-seat scares, leaving viewers frightened in the moment but able to sleep that night… Read More

Libya needs ‘help of the West,’ Libyan says

Students in Vonya Womack’s Global Leadership class in the MSOL graduate program spoke over Skype with a spokesperson for the Libyan Provisional Transitional National Council in Benghazi, Libya, about the current situation there.

Direction more important than destination

Making the move to Swaziland in Africa from Bowling Green, Ky., took nearly five years of planning, praying and preparing. Ben, Beth and 2-year-old Mikayla Kickert spent 72 hours traveling from the comfortable, quiet suburban lives they knew to live in the oppressively hot and snake-filled country of Swaziland in July 2011.

Students get a taste of new cultures

Any student looking for something to do off-campus only needs to stop by the Wolfington Center on the third floor of Founder’s Hall. Each month, staff members of the Wolf Center look for new ways to get Cabrini students involved in the community outside of Radnor.

One Woman, Many Dreams

Cabrini missioner finds rejuvenated faith through a life-changing immersion trip to South Africa.

Shameless brings the heat in season 2

In Showtime’s adaptation of the British hit, “Shameless,” viewers get to experience what lower-class Chicago has to offer during the summer in season two.

Students lobby for global justice

As 17 Cabrini students explored the halls of Congress on Friday, Dec. 2, touring Capitol Hill was far from their minds. Lobbying to sustain the international assistance budget for 2013 was the mission for the ECG 300: Working for Global Justice with CRS.

Editorial: Core values upheld through cutting tuition, maintaining scholarships

Total student loan debt exceeded total credit card debt in September 2010. By the end of 2011, student loan debt is likely to top $1 trillion, according to Tamar Lewin of The New York Times. In this time of economic crisis, The Board of Trustees of Cabrini College have authorized a 12.5 percent reduction in undergraduate tuition and fees, effective fall 2012.

Swaziland: Business for sustained growth; SIFE combats poverty

Building upon an unfunded business plan hatched in last year’s ECG 200: People, Planet and Profit class, a group of students formed Cabrini’s first Students in Free Enterprise club in order to create a sustainable future for the orphans and vulnerable children in Swaziland.

Zombie Survival Guide

Zombies are going to end the world as we know it. When I make this statement, I either end up having a long, in-depth… Read More


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