10 Movies to watch single or taken

By Melanie Greenberg
February 9, 2011

February can be the most romantic month of the year or feel like the longest and loneliest. Whichever category you may fall under, here are some movies to snuggle up alone or with someone else to enjoy!


1) “500 Days of Summer”- This is not a love story. A story of a romance told out of chronological order as Tom remembers the good and bad times of his whirlwind relationship with Summer. Perfect to watch when we feel like we’ll never move on from the person we thought was “the one.”

2) “Bridget Jones’ Diary”- Bridget worries about what every normal woman worries about: men, weight, and where her life is headed. Told in diary form, Bridget invites viewers into her provocative new life with embarrassing moments we all can relate to.

3)” He’s Just Not That Into You”- The title says it all. Just because a friend knew a friend who married her first boyfriend after 10 years apart doesn’t make them the rule; they are the exception. A lesson we all must learn told over the course of multiple failing and flourishing relationships. One of the best movies to sit in and watch with the girls (even though guys secretly love it!)

4) “The 40-Year-Old Virgin”- A movie with a hilarious cast trying to help a friend lose his virginity at the ripe age of 40. Everyone’s worst nightmare turns into a comedy with Steve Carrell playing a nerdy but sweet man attempting to get over his jittery attitude around women and falling in love during the process. Perfect for a night in with friends.

5) “Amelie”- A French movie that focuses on a single woman who is completely happy being a loner. While Amelie does a great job at making others happy, she very rarely does well at making herself happy. A great and entertaining foreign movie to watch, especially if it is your first experience with foreign films!


1) “The Notebook”- The love story that never seems to get old and even men shed a tear or two. A story of how even years cannot tear a love apart. The perfect cuddling movie.

2) “When Harry Met Sally”- The true test of whether or not women and men can be just friends. After years of unconventional friendship, Harry and Sally comically date the wrong people and find out maybe men and women are not meant to be friends. Sex always gets in the way.

3) “The Princess Bride”- A story within a story about Princess Buttercup and her love Westly. A common stable boy and beautiful woman fall in love but like most stories are ripped apart. A quotable and classic movie.

4) “There’s Something About Mary”- Ben Stiller and Cameron Diaz in a raunchy movie that starts with an accident before senior prom. Ted tracks Mary down through a private investigator who in turn also falls in love with Mary. Scene after scene is filled with comical lies and crazy characters.

5) “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”- A complicated movie about two lovers who erase one another from their memory. As fate would have it, they meet again and their whole lives start to unravel as they realize what they have done. Keep the tissues at hand!

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Melanie Greenberg

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