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The Wolfington Center introduces its new mascot

Members of the Wolfington Center at Cabrini University collaboratively thought of the idea of having a mascot for the center.  Encouraging others to become… Read More

The anticipation rises after the release of MARVEL’s ‘Black Widow’ trailer

MARVEL’s “Black Widow” movie trailer has made its way to Cabrini University where students anticipate yet another amazing movie from the Avengers.  The trailer… Read More

Students find new ways to be active on campus at the Involvement Fair

Cabrini University offers many opportunities for students to be involved on campus through different clubs and groups.  The campus held a two-hour event, known… Read More

You left but you never left

It was a Monday morning when the phone rang during the first-block. It was study-hall and no one was in the room, not even… Read More

Students and faculty struggle to quit smoking

Quitting an addiction is difficult and some students and faculty need extra help from groups or specialists in order to quit the addiction of… Read More

Students living in South residence get a spook during the Halloween season

Students living in the new South Residence Hall have felt a haunting presence as unusual events have taken place in their suites. As Halloween… Read More

Students want more from CAP Board

The Campus Activities and Programming Board (CAP Board) has a challenging job in creating fun events for the students on weekends in order to… Read More

Students lose sleep from stress after the start of the new semester

Students are losing sleep from the stress of classes and taking on more credits in the wake of the new semester.  As the students… Read More

Prove Her Wrong

For the longest time, I always wondered why I was so hesitant to present or teach a class or be around young kids.  It… Read More

Education majors are upset about their field placements

Students studying education at Cabrini University were assigned field placements this past week and some are upset with where they are placed and how far… Read More

Legendary sports broadcaster shares words of wisdom

Accepting opportunities that come your way and overcoming adversity is the way to succeed when starting your career, a professional sports broadcaster said Wednesday,… Read More

To all the Loquitur 2020/2021 editors, thank you

And so ends my journey as an editor for the Loquitur.  I have been part of the staff of the Loquitur for two years–one… Read More

Celebrating the career of Dr. Jerry Zurek

Professor at Cabrini University for 50 years now, Dr. Jerry Zurek, “JZ,” has seen it all and lived it all.  He is the image… Read More

Cabrini takes away spring break from students, faculty and staff

A year into the pandemic, Cabrini students, staff and faculty members were not given a spring break during the spring 2021 semester due to… Read More

Adapting vs changing: a year in review

To be honest, I am starting to forget what “normal” was before the pandemic, and I am not sure if that is a good… Read More

Cabrini makes cuts to staff and programs to prevent a higher deficit

Cabrini University has recently announced a new strategic plan to prevent any further accumulation of debt.  This plan includes restructuring different courses, majors and… Read More

Snow day on campus

Cabrini university calls for COVID-19 testing for on-campus residents only

Cabrini University announced on Friday, Jan. 22 via email that all returning students must acquire a negative COVID-19 test in order to move back… Read More

Happy holidays from The Loquitur

While it is important to stay safe and have fun for both your physical and mental health during this holiday season, it is also… Read More

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Advisory Council initiated at Cabrini University

A new advisory council entitled “Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity,” or DEI Advisory Council, has started at the University. The co-chairs of this new council… Read More