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To all the Loquitur 2020/2021 editors, thank you

And so ends my journey as an editor for the Loquitur.  I have been part of the staff of the Loquitur for two years–one… Read More

Celebrating the career of Dr. Jerry Zurek

Professor at Cabrini University for 50 years now, Dr. Jerry Zurek, “JZ,” has seen it all and lived it all.  He is the image… Read More

Cabrini takes away spring break from students, faculty and staff

A year into the pandemic, Cabrini students, staff and faculty members were not given a spring break during the spring 2021 semester due to… Read More

Adapting vs changing: a year in review

To be honest, I am starting to forget what “normal” was before the pandemic, and I am not sure if that is a good… Read More

Cabrini makes cuts to staff and programs to prevent a higher deficit

Cabrini University has recently announced a new strategic plan to prevent any further accumulation of debt.  This plan includes restructuring different courses, majors and… Read More

Snow day on campus

Cabrini university calls for COVID-19 testing for on-campus residents only

Cabrini University announced on Friday, Jan. 22 via email that all returning students must acquire a negative COVID-19 test in order to move back… Read More

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Advisory Council initiated at Cabrini University

A new advisory council entitled “Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity,” or DEI Advisory Council, has started at the University. The co-chairs of this new council… Read More

The university puts on a different type of involvement fair

Amidst the uncertainties of the coronavirus, Cabrini University held a live and virtual Involvement fair on Wednesday, Sept. 9.  The live event was held… Read More

A pulling sensation

I miss you.  With every passing day, I miss you more and more.  I wish you were still here; still here to see Sarah… Read More

The president puts a COVID plan in place for the fall semester of 2020

With the coronavirus starting off as an unknown disease to being the cause of a global pandemic, many schools were forced to shut down… Read More

‘We can’t breathe’: Racism won’t go away until the system that allows oppression does

Editor’s note: This story was part of a group of 2020 stories that shared the 2021 Student Keystone Media Award for DIVERSITY. Reporters: Maria… Read More

A tribute to the class of 2020

As senior year begins to close, the class of 2020 will never be forgotten.  Not only because of COVID-19 but because of their significance.… Read More

High school athletes continue their training at home

As COVID-19 forces schools to close for the rest of the academic year, after school sports are also in effect as the pandemic forces… Read More

Recreational sports and national sports leagues move online

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many recreational sports to close their doors as the spread of the virus has increased due to large gatherings.  National… Read More

Dear coronavirus, you suck. Sincerely, me.

You just had to come to America, you just had to come to Pennsylvania and you just had to come to Montgomery County.  The… Read More

Cheerleading club chooses new captains

Preparations for next season are being made for the cheerleading club as they begin to search for a new captain. Most of the ladies… Read More

Same spot, same routine, different life

“By the time I was walking across the backyard, that’s when it hit me,” John Lattanze said. “It was like somebody hit me very… Read More

The Wolfington Center introduces its new mascot

Members of the Wolfington Center at Cabrini University collaboratively thought of the idea of having a mascot for the center.  Encouraging others to become… Read More

The anticipation rises after the release of MARVEL’s ‘Black Widow’ trailer

MARVEL’s “Black Widow” movie trailer has made its way to Cabrini University where students anticipate yet another amazing movie from the Avengers.  The trailer… Read More


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