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A Kardashian Affair: Kim’s Fairytale Wedding

If you didn’t get an invite to Kim Kardashian’s wedding, don’t worry! The E! Channel aired the long awaited “Keeping Up with the Kardashians: Kim’s Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event.”

Cupcakes Gourmet, tasty treat for fall

Cupcakes Gourmet opened in 2007 to share great food with friends, family and the community to celebrate life.

Blackberry vs Iphone

  BlackBerry vs. iPhone: Which is the better buy?   The iPhone has been very popular for the past few years and I think … Read More

App of the week: Instagram

Instagram is a unique way to take photos on your phone and upload them to Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Tumblr, Posterous and Flickr. It is… Read More

Students learn benefits of aromatherapy in everyday life

Imagine how your body would feel without any stress, tension, fatigue or pain? That is Diane Bevan–Radliff’s goal through the practice of aromatherapy. Radliff… Read More

2011 Fall Fashion Trends

1.Chunky sweaters:  A lot of chunky, cozy sweaters appeared on the runway this fall. Layering chunky sweaters with slimmer pieces or a great pair… Read More

Nerney Leadership Institute: Shaping students for the future

The overall goal of this program is to fully represent leadership development for all students, and staying true to Cabrini’s mission of the ‘Education of the Heart.’

Service beyond one’s self: Students spend Spring Break on immersion trips

Going on a cross-cultural trip can give students the opportunity to experience a hands-on way of learning and thinking.

‘Pay as You Earn’ is a new student-loan repayment system

An income-based repayment program called ‘Pay as You Earn,’ is geared to help repay loans based on how much income one makes.

Editorial: Time to decide and cast your vote

We at the Loquitur believe that students should take full advantage of voting this election. Whoever wins, will affect students in one way or another.

Puppy mills: A story your dog can’t tell you

A puppy mill is a breeding factory that practices inhumane treatment to produce puppies for a profit.

Is taking Adderall to enhance academic performance cheating?

While this medication is helping people with ADHD become more focused, it is also becoming a habit for many college students to increase productivity and study habits.


The Loquitur and Loqation teamed up to survey college students to see who they are voting for this election. Here is a short clip… Read More

Toni Stone: an untold story

Dr. Martha Ackmann was honored as this year’s Jolyon Pitt Girard Distinguished Scholar-in-Residence. She appeared to speak at Widener Center on Wednesday, Oct. 10, at 6:30 p.m., about her newest book, “Curveball,” which highlights the life and history of Toni Stone.

Wyclef Jean looks ahead for Haiti

Wyclef Jean urged Haitian-Americans to lobby for a "dual-citizenship bill" to be passed in Washington to a crowd gathered in the Free Public Library of Philadelphia on Monday, Oct. 1.

Domestic Violence symposium preview

Dr. Jackson Katz is an influential educator, among many other things, that has been dubbed one of America’s leading anti-sexist male activists.


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