Blackberry vs Iphone

By Laura Gallagher
September 28, 2011


BlackBerry vs. iPhone: Which is the better buy?


The iPhone has been very popular for the past few years and I think  the main reason is apps. This phone has “Face Time,” which allows you to talk and video chat with your friends who also have the iPhone, which is awesome. It has a variety of different games such as “Words with Friends,” “Angry Birds,” “Hanging with Friends” and many more that can have you addicted quickly. I wonder if the iPhone is for business, pleasure or a genius blend of both.


I have had a BlackBerry since I was about 16 and had no complaints. I have had three different models and now currently own the newest one, the BlackBerry Bold. It is sleeker, faster, has a touch screen and takes amazing pictures. I have always heard complaints about the BlackBerry software and how slow it is, but I love it.


The one reason I want to purchase the iPhone is to try something new. Both of my roommates have iPhones and a lot of other friends of mine own one and they swear by it. I have always been team BlackBerry but have been contemplating getting an iPhone when Sprint comes out with the newest model.  I have always been a supporter of Apple; I have a MacBook and an iTouch and truly love the features and the overall programs.


The one reason I love BlackBerry’s is because of the keyboard that is very easy and quick to type on. It is great for receiving e-mail’s quickly the business aspect of things. I brought up this argument to people who have iPhone’s and they said it doesn’t matter; they use it for school, emails and other things to keep them on task.


One thing I always see people doing who have iPhones is being very consumed through games or different apps. For example, my friends and I will be out to dinner and they will all be playing the same game giggling about what they are doing as I awkwardly sit there eating my mashed potatoes. I’m not sure if I want to be one of those people that are so obsessed with their phones and don’t pay attention to what’s going on. My question to myself is, should I attempt to fix something that isn’t broken?


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Laura Gallagher

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