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Students balance life in the service industry

One thing that most students can agree on is that college is expensive. Because of this,  many students work to help cover the costs… Read More

Angela Rose speaks out at Domestic Violence Symposium

Domestic violence is an important topic and it needs to be discussed openly, a sexual assault survivor said on Thursday Oct. 15. “We have… Read More

Woodrow Wilson Fellow educates campus

Systemic understanding of a problem is the key to solving it, and there are a number of other hidden problems surrounding water scarcity that people… Read More

Cabrini receives $300,000 grant for the prevention of sexual assault

Cabrini has recently been awarded a $300,000 federal grant from the Department of Justice. This grant is to help with the prevention of sexual… Read More

Commentary: My time at the papal visit

About 1 million people this past week made the journey to Philadelphia. Some came from as far as Vietnam and others coming from right… Read More

Enrollment rises on campus

Today, a lot of schools, especially Catholic schools, are struggling. They are having trou- ble keeping their enrollment up and their tuition down. Fortunately,… Read More

Campus welcomes 12 new professors

This year, the members of the class of 2019 are not the only ones who are starting their journey at Cabrini. The college has… Read More

Cabrini students take part in march for immigrant and workers’ rights

Cabrini students join D.C. protest to support immigrant and workers rights.

No longer in a bubble: a reflection on my time in Guatemala

When I was first presented with the idea of going to Guatemala for a week, my first reaction was “there is no way I… Read More

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Right under our noses: Human trafficking in the United States

The month of February was Human Trafficking awareness month. To honor that and to raise awareness for it, CRS University is began their I… Read More

Getting Involved with the Disney College Program

Ziy Martinez talks about her decision to get involved with the Disney College program. She talks about what goes into being a part of… Read More

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