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LOQation Lifestyles Oct. 19th, 2016

LOQation News Oct. 19th, 2016

Comedian Ace Guillen has students in stitches

Video by Eric Stone and Katie Briante As a part of Hispanic Heritage month CAP Board hosted comedian, Ace Guillen in Grace Hall. On… Read More

LOQation Sports Sept. 21st, 2016

LOQation Lifestyles Sept 21, 2016

LOQation News, Sept. 21st, 2016

Republican National Convention garners much attention despite controversy

On the eve of July 18, 2016, Cleveland Ohio was a whirlwind of activity. For the next four days Cleveland would be center stage,… Read More

Restaurant owners use food to bring awareness to immigration

“As an owner of her own business, she is not the owner. I am the owner!” Ben Miller and Christina Martinez own the small Barbacoa… Read More

No documentation, no rights, immigration lawyers say

People who enter the country illegally often come here in hopes of a better life. But the when they get here, they find that… Read More

CRS Ambassadors educate Cabrini High School students on immigration

It’s 3 a.m. on Saturday, March 19 at Cabrini College. I’m rolling out of bed, gathering my backpack and suitcase and piling into a… Read More

Cabrini students take part in march for immigrant and workers’ rights

Cabrini students join D.C. protest to support immigrant and workers rights.

No longer in a bubble: a reflection on my time in Guatemala

When I was first presented with the idea of going to Guatemala for a week, my first reaction was “there is no way I… Read More

LOQation Lifestyles May 3rd, 2017

LOQation Sports May 3rd, 2017

LOQation News May 3rd, 2017

Right under our noses: Human trafficking in the United States

The month of February was Human Trafficking awareness month. To honor that and to raise awareness for it, CRS University is began their I… Read More

Getting Involved with the Disney College Program

Ziy Martinez talks about her decision to get involved with the Disney College program. She talks about what goes into being a part of… Read More

LOQation Lifestyles April 5th, 2017

LOQation Sports April 5th, 2017

LOQation News April 5th, 2017

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