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Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday

Thanksgiving is coming to an end and everybody is starting to prepare for the holidays. People spend hundreds of dollars buying presents for friends… Read More

Traveling the world turns from a dream to a reality

For those who dream of going to another country and going on an adventure, the time has come. Cabrini University offers study abroad programs… Read More

Students held from spring registration

The fall semester is coming to an end and Cabrini students are wrapping up their midterms, fretting over finals and counting down the days… Read More

Public safety prepares students and staff for possible lockdowns

  In just under a year, Cabrini University had two lock downs on campus. The first lock down was last December during finals. The… Read More

Students unleash their poetic talents at poetry slam

Video by Caelan Woryk and Daniel Jackson   Poetry is a way for people to express themselves and let their creativity run loose in… Read More

Cabrini shuttles get an upgrade with a new handicap vans

Cabrini University became more handicap friendly after the purchase of brand new handicap vans. The first van is a shuttle used to take students… Read More

What is a Democrat, Republican and Libertarian?

Video by Brian Nestel and Angelina Miller As election time rolls around, many college students are registering be a member of one of the… Read More

Does size matter?

Think back to when you were a high school senior exploring different colleges. What qualities were you looking for? As a prospective student, one… Read More

Fire drills are for safety, so why doesn’t everyone leave the building?

Every year, Cabrini University must do mandatory fire drills on all of the building to ensure of their safety. Everybody knows the feeling of… Read More

Cabrini University grows as it looks to the future

  On July 1, 2016 Cabrini officially became Cabrini University. Students and staff interviewed said they are thrilled about the new name and for Cabrini’s… Read More

Stop drinking from disposable bottles

One simple change.  That’s all it takes. One, small change in your every day habits can have an everlasting impact on the environment. The… Read More

Graduate student brings conservation habits from home country to Cabrini

It is easy to forget about conserving energy when it seems like there is an unlimited amount in our homes and dorms. Graduate student… Read More

Young adults play important role in historical movements

Throughout history, young adults have stood for their rights and tried to create change in their country. Kids and teens have played crucial roles… Read More

Domestic violence not just women’s issue, panel says

Dr. Karen Hudson experienced a tragedy that is every mother’s worst nightmare: the loss of a child. In 2015, Upper Darby police officer Mark… Read More

How far do your thoughts and prayers go?

Schools should not be targets for mass shootings. Concerts, churches, night clubs and movie theaters should not be a place where people have to worry… Read More

Buying fair trade: A local way to help communities around the world

Fair trade is involved in the everyday lives of individuals and people may not even realize it. It is in the morning when people… Read More

Campus Ministry reaches out to Philadelphians experiencing homelessness

Video by Kaitlyn D’Ambrosio. For many people, the city of Philadelphia is home. Sadly for some, their home does not include a comfortable bed… Read More

Children of divorce have a different Christmas than other families

During the holiday season, families and friends come together, exchange gifts and take part in the holiday spirit; however, this is easier said than… Read More

Plus-size women separated in stores

Editor’s Note: The surname of the subject in this article has been omitted to protect her the identity. 20-year-old Rebecca had many struggles regarding her size. Due… Read More

BAM students get immersive experience through NYC field trip

Cabrini University’s School of Business, Arts and Media goes above and beyond trying to prepare students for their prospective careers and helping them figure… Read More
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