Cabrini shuttles get an upgrade with a new handicap vans

By Kaitlyn D'Ambrosio
October 29, 2016

Frank Cornely

Cabrini University became more handicap friendly after the purchase of brand new handicap vans. The first van is a shuttle used to take students to and from local stops such as Walmart or the King of Prussia mall. The second van is used to take students on field trips, such as Cabrini night at the Phillies. The vans are wheelchair accessible with ramps to get students on board to transport them where they need to go.

Recent Cabrini graduate Frank Cornely spoke up about the need for a new van during his time on campus and took action. First, he spoke to Kathleen Johnson at the Disability Resource Center. From there, Johnson spoke to Residence Life and brought awareness to the school administration and Public Safety. The van’s ramp had problems going up and down to let students with wheelchairs onto the van. It was also way too small, did not allow students enough room and did not have any handles. The University temporarily put handles into the van until able to get the money together for a new van.

“When we went to Public Safety, it was discovered that the van was unfit to ride. It previously leaked antifreeze twice,” Cornely said “The van was purchased in 1994 so it was older than me. It was definitely time for a new one.”

Purchasing the new van took a few weeks to ensure it had the proper safety measures. When the van arrived, it turned out to be the wrong one so Cabrini returned it and got the correct van.

“Cabrini administration is very supportive of making sure the campus is handicap accessible,” Johnson said.

The long term goal would be to make the center of campus pedestrian only. That way it is safer for handicap students to get around campus.

“I feel Cabrini needs more ramps around campus so I can get to where I need to go,” Sahara Burkeholder said. Burkeholder is getting surgery on her foot and will soon be in a wheelchair for at least eight weeks.

Kaitlyn D'Ambrosio

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