BAM students get immersive experience through NYC field trip

By Kaitlyn D'Ambrosio
December 6, 2017

School of Business Arts and Media students and faculty got a look inside the United Nations. Photo by Jerry Zurek.

Cabrini University’s School of Business, Arts and Media goes above and beyond trying to prepare students for their prospective careers and helping them figure out what path they should take in life. One step they take in pushing their students to achieve their goals is by taking a field trip to New York City to expand students’ horizons.

This is the second year the department took students into the Big Apple to explore real-world jobs. The group that attended were a combination of students who attended last year and were now just attending for the first time.  The trip was held on Saturday, Oct. 20.

“I went back on this trip because I found out one of my callings in life. I found my calling in advertising,” junior Digital communication and social media major Rahmere Griffin said.

The communication department visited Grey Advertising. The agency started in the 1920s and continues to thrive by creating and promoting campaigns for famous brands like Pantene, Soundcloud and the NFL.

“Grey is a multinational branding and advertising agency,” communication professor Margaret Rakus said. “They are very well established and Howard Robert greeted us and gave us a talk for two hours.”

“When we visited the ad agency, we were able to see how it looks on the inside and what everyone does,” Griffin said.

The business department visited the Comptroller’s office. The Comptroller’s office is a legal office in New York City that handles a lot of the city’s finances and economy.

“We met with the Comptrollers and the various deputy comptrollers talking about how that office basically worked with the city through auditing and different opportunities that people who have business majors like finance, accounting, human resources and marketing could work in the public sector and not necessarily the corporate environment.,” marketing professor Tangi James-Boone said.

Graphic design majors went to Parham Santana studio to speak with John Parham. In addition, they toured J. Walter Thompson ad agency.

“I feel it is important for students to learn about the range of creative opportunities within the field of graphic design,” graphic design professor Jeanne Komp said.  

“The agencies showed us the ads that they did and I really liked the environment there,” freshman graphic design major Tiara Colan said.

The United Nations is a place where international affairs can be handled peacefully. Photo by Kaitlyn DAmbrosio.

After all of the different departments ventured in their own fields, everybody met up at the United Nations and took a tour of the building.

“Looking at all the artifacts they have from other countries that they brought there were amazing and seeing how other government’s work there together was amazing,” Colan said.

Professors on the trip hope students will take what they experience in New York City back to Cabrini’s campus and have an idea of where they want to go in the future.

“I hope they get to have a peek at what the industry really looks like on a day-to-day basis,” Rakus said.

“They get to see a little bit more of the world,” accounting professor Paul Cowley said.

I want students to get inspired by the work of the studios and the environment of the city,” Komp said. “I want students to be empowered to explore design opportunities beyond the Philadelphia area.”

Kaitlyn D'Ambrosio

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