Emily Arentzen

Junior communication and English double major in transition to becoming a biology minor. Student ambassador for the Cabrini College office of admissions, co-news editor, member of Alpha Lambda Delta.

Articles by Emily Arentzen

Amor Latino adds life to Hispanic Heritage

A quick look inside Cabrini College's own Hispanic Heritage club.

Accounting alumni give career advice to current students

Cabrini accounting alumni imparted helpful information on how to get ahead in the business world to current students in the mansion. The alumni who… Read More

An inside look at Cabrini’s newest admissions counselor

A profile on Cabrini's newest admissions counselor shows who has become Cabrini's newest member.

No stone unturned at SGA general forum

The Student Government Association (SGA) of Cabrini College held an open forum to get feedback from the students.

Facilities prepares for another hectic winter

Pruning and maintaining trees was but one responsibility Cabrini’s facilities department tackled this past summer in preparation for the possibility of another intense winter.

Six long-time faculty retire in spring of 2014

“I think when it comes to a total stop, and I’m not even sure when that’s going to be, I think by then we’ll know what it’s like to be retired.” Education professor Shirley Dixon was one of six full-time faculty that retired in the spring of 2014. Along with Dixon, Dr. Joseph Roma- no, Professor Adeline Bethany, Professor Carol Serotta, Dr. Brian Metz and Professor Ruby Remley all said goodbye to their full-time status as Cabrini faculty.

CAP Board reflects on the year ahead

Acting as the college's main programmer on campus, the Campus Activities and programming (CAP) Board brings "social, cultural and educational" activities to campus, according to their Cabrini webpage. At the beginning of each month, CAP Board distributes calendars throughout campus documenting each and every day's activity for the coming month. Now as the first few weeks of the year have passed and more events are in the making, Alexa Milano, senior communication major and CAP Board president, stated, "I feel good about this year."

A step in a new direction

My seventh grade teacher was the one who first planted the seed in my mind that my writing was something that could fuel the rest of my life. What started as mere encouragement to pursue my talent became so encompassing that I then fit my life around that idea.

Deb Takes’ year as president of Cabrini

As the year comes to a close, Interim President Deb Takes reflects on her time at Cabrini College.

Katie Cashman: shedding light on those in the dark

Cabrini missioner Katie Cashman is working towards fighting human trafficking through her work with the Cabrini Action and Advocacy Coalition.

Hoop Scoop: A look inside women’s basketball

Cabrini College's women's basketball team is on the rise.

The DRC brings success to students

Students registered with Cabrini College's Disability Resource Center shared their experiences of attending college while living with a disability and the struggles they have overcome.

Going gluten-free

I am in no way, shape or form an expert on how the body works or how different foods affect our bodies. As far as I am concerned, if it fills me up and does not make me sick or gain weight, it is okay to eat. Recently, a new diet fad has been trending to the point where something that was once only available in specialty stores for a small population can now be found on your Girl Scout Cookies order form.

Inspired students spend spring break rebuilding in West Virginia

As part of campus ministry's immersion trips, several students took the eight hour drive to Point Pleasant, West Virginia to rebuild a family home.
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