A step in a new direction

By Emily Arentzen
September 5, 2014

My seventh grade teacher was the one who first planted the seed in my mind that my writing was something that could fuel the rest of my life. What started as mere encouragement to pursue my talent became so encompassing that I then fit my life around that idea.

I thought all I wanted to do was write. I wanted to write for the world and share with others the joy that such a simple task brings me. Naturally, when that chapter of your life comes around and it is time to think about where you want your life to end up, questions arisee. Is this the path I really want to take? Is this something that could actually become a career?

When I confided in those I trust most, I realized that my dream was not to write for the world but to change the world. I wanted to put myself in situations where help was needed and better the life of someone. I did not want to passively work for the greater good without actually seeing the effect of the work I would be doing.

Eventually, as time went on and I began to think more seriously about where I was going in my education, I wondered if I had made the right choice for me. I knew what I liked doing and where my talents lied, but something still felt off. I knew I needed to change something but was inevitably too scared of the unknown to pursue it. Therefore, English and communications was my avenue.

I was constantly asked the monotonous question “What do you want to do with your communication degree?” my response was always the same. I recited all of the careers that I knew I could pursue with my degree but never what I actually wanted to do.

Plain and simple, I wanted to help people. Then something that I always thought about doing but was always too afraid to do hit me: nursing. Being a nurse meant working day in and day out for the good of others. From then on I pushed through and found a way to become what I now want most.

After much consideration and numerous talks with my parents, professors and even department, I came up with a plan that best suited my hopes.

Instead of finishing my years as an undergrad by 2016, I am going to enroll in an accelerated nursing program that will allow me to not only receive a second degree in nursing but also gain my nursing certification. A change that seemed so terrifying at first is now all I can think about.

Emily Arentzen

Junior communication and English double major in transition to becoming a biology minor. Student ambassador for the Cabrini College office of admissions, co-news editor, member of Alpha Lambda Delta.

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