Hoop Scoop: A look inside women’s basketball

By Emily Arentzen
April 8, 2014

Sportsmanship and determination are two keys aspect of the Cabrini College women’s basketball team. Since the end of last semester, the Lady Cavs have only lost three of nine games with their most significant loss being by only a mere 13 points to Albright back in December.

The Lady Cavs have shown through each performance just how successful a team can be when they work together.

On Saturday, January 18, the girls were unfortunately defeated by Keystone College in their first CSAC loss. While this would dampen the spirits of most other athletes, these women utilized this frustration in their future game strategy.

After their previous nine point loss to Keystone, Head Coach Kate Pearson used this to fuel the team in their coming games. This motivation is evidently what pushed the girls into their 81 to 54 victory over Marywood on Monday night.

As any well-organized team knows, working together and communication are the keys towards the outcome of each game. After their loss to Keystone, Pearson spoke with the team and addressed what she felt needed to be improved.

When viewing any one game put on by this team, the audience can expect an exhilarating, entertain show.  These girls know how to not disappoint.

As far as their success on the court, each player brings their own power and effort toward the game outcome.

Only having a total of four losses throughout the entire season, the Lady Cavs have not only shown a spectacular effort towards dominating each opponent, but have thrived through their excellent team work and dedication to the sport that they love.

With the momentum that has built since the beginning of the season, I see this team having no issue with continuing their success through the remainder of the season. For more team information or to take a look at past games visit cabriniathletics.com.

Emily Arentzen

Junior communication and English double major in transition to becoming a biology minor. Student ambassador for the Cabrini College office of admissions, co-news editor, member of Alpha Lambda Delta.

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