Alumnus Perspective: A university is more than its Wi-Fi

By Jake Verterano
September 27, 2016

Over the summer, Cabrini finally became a university. When the news first broke last year, there were definitely a few people who were disappointed (really only because Cabrini College rolled off the tongue so smoothly). Most people were excited and proud. A lot of work goes into making a college a university. There are many MANY reviews, policies that have to be in place and strong participation from not only the staff but also the students and alumni of the institution.

I’m fortunate enough to serve as a member of Cabrini College’s Alumni Board of Directors. I also have some pretty wonderful friends who are employed by Cabrini. I’ve witnessed firsthand the dedication the Cabrini community put into making our school Cabrini University.

Cabrini has given me a lot. My freshmen year I was the winner of the Mr. Cabrini contest, which led to starring roles in Cabrini theater.

I had the opportunity to serve as the Arts & Entertainment Editor for the Loquitur where I experienced a level of commitment from my professor that most schools never experience. I was able to pitch an idea about a video practicum course to professors, which today is known as LOQation. I was the very first anchor for the program. I got to host my own radio show every week. I was chosen to be the Project Manager for the Communication Department’s capstone course where we created a groundbreaking website on domestic violence education.

Following Cabrini, a friend and professor recommended me to a position, which ended up being an incredible job I stayed with for five years. My supervisor at that job was also a proud Cabrini alum. My boyfriend’s aunt is a Cabrini alumna, and we share our favorite college memories with each other. My best friends are all Cabrini alums. I have been fortunate enough to have been asked to come back to my beloved school to speak, give back and serve on the Alumni Board of Directors. This school has given me so much, but one thing I’ve never asked for them to give back is better wi-fi.

What Cabrini lacks in “University Level Wi-Fi,” it more than makes up for in the quality of education and purpose the school promotes. Now that I’ve been out of school for the last few years I’ve encountered people who have gone to larger universities and they always say they are so jealous of the opportunities I had. Never would have I been able to be as involved as I was in a large institution or have the opportunity to have a close relationship with my professors. In large institutions students have to fight for the right to work out in the community while Cabrini readily offers these chances literally every day. We were leaps and bounds ahead of universities before even gaining the title. This title is just further proof that Cabrini is the gold standard for education.

So please, don’t be spoiled or expect things to be better for YOU. That’s not what Cabrini is about. Cabrini is about becoming the best individual you can be to see what you can do for others. I hope that is what individuals can take away from their time at Cabrini. Congratulations on University status, Cabrini. You’ve earned it.

Jake Verterano

1 thought on “Alumnus Perspective: A university is more than its Wi-Fi”

  1. As always, beautifully said. Coming from abroad and with language challenges, Cabrini gave me so many opportunities to improve, learn and most importantly, thrive both inside and outside the classroom. Many of those opportunities would have been missed, had I gone to a larger school. Six years after collage graduation, I finished law school, and I’m working in a career I never expected but one that I love. All because of the incredible support I received from Cabrini following my move to the US. Couldn’t be happier for Cabrini on their newly earned status and title. Congratulations!

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