A Final Farewell

By Catherine Dilworth
April 4, 2002

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The semester is coming to an end and while there are passing conversations of what classes everyone is taking next semester or what they can’t get in, seniors are ready to sign up for life education rather than another semester.

The Loquitur is giving seniors the opportunity to have their last say. Right now the vibe is “I can’t wait to get out of here,” however there is always a soft spot for those things that will be missed, the people that have touched the lives of others and the good times had.

Here are four seniors that have given their last will and testament, had their last say or just said goodbye:

Kim Campbell

My time at Cabrini is coming to a brisk end, but the memories and experiences I have had will last a lifetime.

Haven, Kit, Maria, Brian Fry, Ryan, Merion, Craig – Thanks for making this year great and giving me great Cabrini memories. Such as…exploring the campus for fun, sleepovers, Wawa runs, weekend movies on the big screen, road trips, video editing, radio shows, ultimate Frisbee (girls won), video games, foot prints, the play, free dinners, naps in the com lounge, and just hanging out. Thank you guys for always being willing to go play.anytime.

Dustin Farrell

I am really going to miss the college life in general. Waking up at 12 pm and staying up all night and drinking beers. My friends and foes will be remembered to the full extent. I would like to leave the mean green to Little Nicky Marks. To all that have a few more years to graduate, better you than me.

Genevieve Lamb

I don’t really remember when I actually started to like Cabrini.but when I look back, all I have are great memories. Well of course there all a lot of bad ones too. As bad as some of those moments were, I don’t regret having them. I think they have helped me become who I am. It’s funny how when living in the moment I always was excited for what was next. Like, what’s going to happen at the next party, or what about next year? Now, I feel like I’m looking back and wishing I were there. There are so many things I have learned, and I’m not just talking about in the classroom. I’m talking about the people I have met. Never have I ever met people quite like Philly people, they are truly a crazy breed. I also learned how to share a room with another person or two or SIX! Easier said than done. I learned how to become more independent. I have learned the true value of friendship and have found some of those friends in the strangest of ways. I have also learned that all of these experiences we find everyday, as minor as they may be, have made me ready to move on. As scared as I am, I look forward to what is to come after May 19th.

Mike Demarest

It’s hard to believe that graduation is a month away and I’ll be going into the real world. Graduation seemed so far away, but now it’s almost here and I’m trying to suck in as much as I can. It’s not really going to be the bars, or clubs that I’m going miss the most. It’s going be the simple things. Simple things like going to the caf for lunch, seeing everyone and talking about what’s going on around campus. Even though I always complained that the food sucked so badly, I’m going to miss that crap. I’m going to miss just hanging out with my boys in my room, complaining that we’ve got nothing to do and wondering what we’ll do on the weekend. Sleeping in till noon everyday, not having to worry about parents complaining and when I’ve got to be in by. These are just a couple of other things I’m going to miss. Going to watch the guys lacrosse games, basketball games and, of course, the girls field hokey and lacrosse games. After all these years Cabrini wasn’t as bad as all of us think it is. I know one thing though, I’m sure has hell am not going to miss Public Safety and all their damn tickets. And I’m not going to miss all the power tripping RAs and RDs. Not Shayla though, she’s the best! Most importantly, I’m going to miss all the great friends I’ve made here. I know I’ll talk to them, but it’s just not going to be the same. I’m going to miss the great time I had here but I’ll always have the memories.

(Seniors – If you would like to say your last words please e-mail the Loquitur at theloquitur@hotmail.com attn: Dilworth.)

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Catherine Dilworth

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