A look inside Cabrini theater’s preparation for ‘Legally Blonde’

By Hope Daluisio
February 7, 2017

Photo by Theresa Paesani

As the Delta Nu sisters would say, “Omigod, omigod you guys,” “Legally Blonde,” the musical, is in full rehearsal mode at Cabrini University! With a new semester comes a new performance to get ready for in Cabrini Theatre.

Cabrini Theater has been providing students an outlet into the acting and singing world since 2006. Typically the company performs a play in the fall semester and a musical in the spring semester.

Known for performing very professional, large productions in a very small space the theatre’s director, Kait Finegan, and technical director, Theresa Paesani, didn’t disappoint when they announced and casted parts for “Legally Blonde.”

The entire cast gathered to read over the script. Photo by Theresa Paesani

“I think ‘Legally Blonde’ will definitely have a large stage crew involvement,” technical director Theresa Paesani said. “We’re going to have a lot of scene and set changes, props, and costumes that will require a team of crew members to work together. Everyone on the crew is an important part of helping to bring this production to life, especially since this is one of the biggest reductions we’ve done.”

“Legally Blonde” the musical is based off of the 2001 film and novel. Coming from the theatre’s fall play of ‘Edgar Allan Poe’s Tintinnabulations’, this musical should be much more upbeat and comical.

“I play Elle Woods,” junior Jackie Witherow said. “I get the privilege and responsibility of portraying a woman who is in love, gets her heart broken, follows her ex boyfriend to an Ivy League school, realizes she is so much more than a blonde bimbo, and ends up becoming a lawyer and graduating top of her class.”

The show is set to open April 20, and will run for two weekends. A show this big takes time to prepare and perfect so the cast and crew are starting now to rehearse.

“As of right now rehearsals aren’t as hectic as they will be when it gets closer to opening night,” sophomore Matt Keelan said. “Not everybody is called to every rehearsal yet, and each night is still focused on specific scenes at a a time.”

Closer to opening night when dress rehearsals and tech week approach every cast and crew member gets called and repeatedly run through the entire show. It is a very time consuming activity to be apart of but the students find the motivation to push through.

The ‘Delta Nu’ sisters rehearsing their songs. Photo by Theresa Paesani

“Yes there are moments when the time commitments get stressful on top of school and personal life, but that’s what brings the cast and crew together,” sophomore Annie Gorski said. “When it’s spring musical season in the theatre, there’s just a different energy in the air. It’s positive! (no pun intended).”

Acting and singing skills are only part of what being a part of Cabrini theater is about. So if being apart of the theater is not a priority, go and support all their hard work come this April.

“I leave rehearsal and can’t wait to come back the next night because not only is this a great show but the cast and directors make everything so much better,” Gorski said. “I can’t imagine my life without this theater family.”



Hope Daluisio

Loquitur Media Visual Managing Editor 2017-2018 // Cabrini University '19 // Photographer & Videographer

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