A Cav’s perspective: Kaitlyn Cooper

By Staff Writer
October 28, 2015

Cooper was named to the All- CSAC second team last season and started in all 39 games. Photo submitted by Kaitlyn Cooper

Stepping onto the diamond is one of those moments where everything becomes silent.

The world quiets just for a split second of bliss. Dragging your cleat across the dirt for the first time of the day knowing that you are about to go all out.

Softball is just as much individual as it is a team sport. You know that if that one ball comes to you it is your respon- sibility to field it properly and throw the girl out.

If you are standing in the box, you know that it is your responsibility to get on base.

That pressure is what pushes us all to strive for excellence.

Being able to do all that and wear that cavalier uniform is an honor. We are representing our community and athletic family.

In the CSAC, Cabrini is despised due to its success as a whole. Every school is looking to get that win, that one extra tie against Cabrini.

What they do not know is that, of course, we like to win but we wear uniforms that have Cabrini on the back not our individual last names because we play for the girl next to us.

We play to represent Cabrini.

It is a true thrill to put on that uniform game after game knowing that your entire team has your back, due to the atm

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Staff Writer

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