Sandella’s rumors are denied, passes health inspection

By Trevor Wallace
November 2, 2010

Located next to Jazzman’s, Sandella’s is one of three dining services offered to students at Cabrini.

In spite of recent rumors floating around campus that Sandella’s, located across from Jazzman’s Café in the Widener Center, had failed their food inspection, a Radnor Public Health official and Cabrini’s Dining Services have refuted this claim.

Annual food and health inspections are done at Cabrini ranging from the Marketplace to Jazzman’s Café and Sandella’s.

“They’ve never failed a food inspection that I’ve conducted.  I eat there all the time,” Lawrence Taltoan, Radnor Township’s health officer and codes official said.

Had Sandella’s actually failed a food inspection they would have been shut down, as would any other dining establishment.

“What happened was nothing out of the ordinary.  Things he [Taltoan] asks you to correct, you fix it and we did,” Drew Niemann, general manager of Cabrini Dining Services, said.

Aside from the rumors that many may have heard over the past couple weeks about reasons Sandella’s failed their inspection, the actual truth lies in the sushi.

The sushi served at Sandella’s, according to Taltoan in accordance with Pennsylvania food and health codes, was not labeled properly.  The packaging must clearly state that the food is raw, which Dining Services has taken into account and is now in compliance with.

“The health inspector asked us to add advisory warnings to the sushi to better inform our clients of the potential danger of eating raw sushi.  He also asked us to clean behind a fridge, which we did.  All normal happenings during an inspection,” Niemann said.

Now that rumors have been dispelled about Sandella’s food inspection, students are happy to know that a regular and favorite campus food distributor is still what they thought it was to begin with.

“It relaxes me and eases my mind to know that it didn’t fail and that it’s still good and healthy,” Rob Martinsen, senior history major, said.

If Sandella’s had failed their inspection, this would have meant that the ever popular “late night” option would no longer be available to students after the normal dining hours on campus had ended.

This however is not the case. Late night has consistently been a favorite among students.

“It keeps a place open to eat.  It’s still a viable option because the loss of late night would not have been good for me,” Brandon Redmond, senior communication major, said.

Sandella’s still runs as normal, passing their food inspection and serving students into the late hours of the night.  Cabrini Dining Services does all they can to make sure students are served with fresh, healthy foods.

“Every year the health inspector comes through and tells us what we should do differently and we change,” Niemann said.

Sandella’s has met with the Pennsylvania food and health codes once again and the rumors have been squashed.

Sandella’s customers need only  to keep one thing in mind; the sushi is indeed raw.

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Trevor Wallace

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