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Opinions from editors, staff writers and members of the college community.

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Underlying factors affect obesity as well as genetics

  People are under the impression that obesity is a disease. In my opinion, obesity is a negative symptom triggered by another illness, such as depression, emotional instability or the inability to receive fulfillment of any sort. Jermaine Robinson has put his past behind him, with hopes to start new chapter of his life. Robinson, […]

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"I kept journals in crates, filled with stories scribbled  in  bright pink and purple pens. Anything involving numbers, triangles, formulas and ridiculous word problems were not my thing. Yet, writing, learning about history and telling stories—that is where I felt I belonged."

Editor says goodbye to Loquitur

I have always loved writing. In elementary school, I would fill up manila and burgundy colored journals with my swirling handwriting. I used to wear a silver, clinking charm bracelet with a sparkly journal embossed with a butterfly and a pencil. I kept journals in crates, filled with stories scribbled  in  bright pink and purple […]

Creative Commons Are men to blame for shaming women? Why are there double standards?

Do not let society define who you are

Between outfit choice, etiquette, work and partying, double standards exist everywhere. We have all seen them in our daily lives. Double standards can be found in all forms. From women to men, our culture is used to dealing with gender role stereotypes. When men post workout pictures, or any “selfie” for that matter, it is […]

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Are men to blame for shaming women? Why are there double standards?

We are all to blame for slut-shaming

In today’s generation, women are often looked down upon for having sexual relations with men. However, men are praised for it. Why is this? As unfair as it is, men will never be called sluts, whores, skanks or any of the derogatory terms used to describe women. When a man has sexual relations with a […]

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Kim and Kanye share a romantic moment at a basketball game.

Canceling the Kardashians

I hope this does not seem too harsh, but I hate the Kardashians. In my personal opinion I think that they have a negative effect on our society, plus they are just super annoying. Kim dying her hair should not be considered news, and who cares about what nightclub Scott went to. To me it […]

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Divorce is common among millennials. The children must make the mot out of the difficult and sensitive situation

For millennials, divorce is common

Video produced by: Jill Nawoyski, AJ Shopa and Drew Vernon I, like many millennials, am a product of failed relationships, and I am stronger because of it. When I was two, my parents got a divorce. This is something that today I am so thankful for because without the divorce, I would not have been […]

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Why are millennials so messed up when it comes to dating?

Does this generation know what romance is?

Our generation is pathetic when it comes to romance and dating. My 28-year-old brother would have to call his high school girlfriend’s home phone in order to talk to her. That was then. Now, we go on social media and hide from reality. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and other social media sites are the reason […]

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Millennials should not care about their bad reputation

The millennial generation has a bad reputation. We are the generation glued to the bright screens of our smartphones, fervently refreshing our twitter feeds and posting artfully retouched pictures on Instagram. We do not have any manners. We are crazy, invincible, careless and reckless. Millennials are lazy and have no motivation. We do not have […]

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You should be able to have a fun night and take pictures, but beware of over-sharing.

Digital footprint: share or beware?

In college, students hear the typical advice for career search: build your resume, take internships and  network with people in your field of interest. But one piece of advice is becoming more common than ever: manage what you say online because once it is out there, it is out there for good. That is what […]

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In an effort to product the music industry, Jay -Z and other artists  are backing  the Tidal music app.

Tidal music is making waves in the industry

Over the last month, we have seen Jay-Z’s new mastermind idea. Jay-Z’s new project has been in the works for some years now. His idea is to have an app made for music to play anywhere you go with good quality and sound. The purpose for Jay-Z launching this newly acquired music service, called Tidal, […]

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Members at the “Ballon a Brother” event raised money for Habitat for Humanity.

Have you heard of the frat on campus?

Cabrini’s Greek life is more like a club than an actual fraternity. I mean no disrespect to the individuals who decided to join the fraternity either. In my eyes, it is not really considered a fraternity if there is only one fraternity at a school with roughly 1,500 undergraduates. Again, nothing is wrong with joining the […]

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My struggle of choice- summer internship or job?

Students are dreaming of a blissful summer, but many feel the pressure to find a great internship or job. Yet many internships do not pay and students need spending money or money for bills. Should students choose between them? It is a hard decision for many to choose. Choosing between a summer internship and a […]

Watching movies about living in college makes everything seem exciting, but  some expectations fall short. White jail-cell like walls and nothing to do on campus is not “21 and Over.”

College expectations versus reality

Pep rallies, step teams and Greek life. A campus that is way too big you wil not even see the same person twice. Have you ever watched movies like “Stomp the Yard” and “21 and Over” wishing that the college that you attend will be like that? “I thought I was going to have fun […]

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Fox and Hound Restaurant and Bar is located in the KOP shopping center.

Where to go around campus

Cabrini is in a great location as a college, but you might not enjoy it as much until your sophomore year. Most freshmen usually live on campus in Xavier, Woodcrest and even some live in East because the school picks for you. Sophomore year, you get to pick where you live. You have all of […]

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Incoming freshmen,do not worry

Haha, oh goodness. A story on my experience at Cabrini? All jokes aside though, I could not have asked for a better experience so far at Cabrini. Coming into this school, I was worried about two things: Was this the school too small and would I fit in? Well, those two things were answered halfway through […]

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Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity Spokesman Brandon Weghorst, left, and Executive Director Blaine Ayers spoke to the media on March 18, 2015 about the racist video made by their fraternity at the University of Oklahoma.

Racist scandals at universities divide the nation

College campuses in the United States have come under serious scrutiny  after  recent racial chants and cruel behaviors. The University of Oklahoma and Penn State have been featured in the news lately over such issues. Duke University is the latest school involved with a race scandal. An undergraduate student admitted to hanging a noose in […]

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More men and women in college are deciding to live their lives, have fun and find their careers instead of getting married right away.

Say yes to the career, not the dress

When I was little, I did not know much about my parents lives before me. Obviously, in my child-aged brain, they were married before they had me but that is  all I really knew. As I grew up, I learned a little more about where my parents were born, where they grew up and what […]