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Opinions from editors, staff writers and members of the college community.

A step in a new direction

My seventh grade teacher was the one who first planted the seed in my mind that my writing was something that could fuel the rest of my life. What started as mere encouragement to pursue my talent became so encompassing that I then fit my life around that idea.

Make this year your best

New school years are almost like New Year’s Eve: rung in with the glitz and glamour of parties, hanging out with friends, relaxing during syllabus week and the rush of the first few days back on campus. Soon all of those goals for the year start to fade away and chaos begins.

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Diane Sawyer and David Muir on “World News Tonight.”

News needs a revamp to engage students

In the beginning of the twenty-first century, college students around the country had limited resources for keeping up to date with news and current events. During this particular time period, it was common for most students to take in their daily dose of news through popular forms of media such as traditional newspapers and magazines. […]


Sexual assault and slut-shaming

“She was acting slutty… It was her own fault… she shouldn’t have drunk so much then.” Recently, cases of sexual assault at universities as prominent as Notre Dame and Swarthmore have been in the news.  In addition, a nationwide movement of students has charged that colleges are not handling cases properly, resulting in what is […]


What Cabrini College offered me

No matter what your heart is calling you to, please, follow it. Even when people don’t understand. Even when your every action is questioned…. At the end of the day, you will only have yourself and your heart to answer to. At the end of the day, were you true to your heart?

I’ve got that summertime sadness

All of grade school, middle school and high school, when school is out, summer begins. Summer means endless days of fun, vacations, sun and very little work involved. In high school, some students start summer jobs, as a way to make some extra cash and kick start that good old work ethic. But, for the […]

Does putting a filter on a photo make it glamorous or

Instagram or Instaglam?

Instagram is taking over the world it seems. Well the internet world at least. I don’t think I make it through a day without either going on Instagram, or someone saying “should I Instagram this?” Instagram allows people to share their pictures. Pictures of anything. When you go on Instagram you see people posting pictures […]

Broke college student or life of luxury?

College is expensive. It is tempting or even the only option to work full-time instead to afford necessities or luxuries. Yet, it’s never too late to return to school, go into a new field and explore a passion. “If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough.” A quote which has always stuck with […]

Graduate’s advice — get involved!

If you’re a freshman or sophomore, I think I can save you some time on figuring these things out if you haven’t yet. First – find something to be involved in. While college is a great opportunity to meet new people, have fun and go out all the time, the main reason you are here […]

Military going for a sharper image

Recent military regulation changes include several restrictions regarding military personnel having specific tattoos. Are these rules shaping for a cleaner appearance or is this a hinderence on freedom of expression?

Do what makes you happy

Some people stay away from dating in college to avoid heartbreak, while others embrace the rush of campus flings. A connection is more important than a label of a relationship or reputation.

Going green? or just trying to break even?

When you buy something Fair Trade certified, what are your thoughts behind your purchase? Are you buying it to help make a difference? Are you following the crowd? Or are you making such purchases to make up for the fact that you don’t shop or act that way throughout the day?

ECG classes open a world of opportunity

I never thought I’d say that working on a group project for a class would lead to a pretty cool experience, but it did. My group for ECG is focusing on workers’ rights and fair trade in the clothing industry. This required a lot of research on the topic our group had chosen as well […]

How far will you go to pay your loans?

Student debt has alumni stressing more about how they are going to pay it off rather than worrying about finding a job in their field of study. College students and graduates are entering the real world with hopes of landing a dream career. However, when they look at their mountain of loans they need to […]

Google Glass; the future is here

With much anticipation, Google Glass is finally here. Well, at least for a small selection of lucky buyers. Already being dubbed as the next big thing, it is only available to those in the US. In this small frame of time, the country has been in an uproar over Google Glass trying to see what […]

The SAT – new and…improved?

The SAT: the test that can make any junior or senior in high school anxious over whether you’re going to even be able to spell your own name right. It’s just a test, right? But the stress of the SAT may be alleviated for some students who plan on taking it with the new changes […]

Catching that Spring Fever

Spring is such a small, hopeful word that conjures up images of bright, sunny days, blooming flowers and lazy, hazy summer not far behind. After a long, relentless winter full of snowstorms, ice storms, power outages and a surprise week off, spring is the light at the end of the tunnel. I am tired of […]

Is creativity a dying breed?

As college students, listing your transferable skills is a major point of sprucing up your resume. But the question is, what do you list? According to The Guardian, researchers have created studies to examine what skills students consider to be important and only 15 percent of 15-16 year olds consider creativity to be valuable.

Going gluten-free

I am in no way, shape or form an expert on how the body works or how different foods affect our bodies. As far as I am concerned, if it fills me up and does not make me sick or gain weight, it is okay to eat. Recently, a new diet fad has been trending […]

Who should decide our financial aid?

Financial Aid helps millions of students make it through college, but how much does it really help? Every year the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is released. Students are then encouraged to fill it out, even if they feel as though they may not qualify because there is always a possibility that they […]