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Opinion from staff writers and members of the college community.

Dirty and ROTTEN

Valentine’s Day is the day where it is all about the cute stuff. Everywhere you look there are cute candies, cute flowers and cute couples. What about all the others who are spending Valentine’s Day alone and perhaps maybe can’t get over an ex that left them scorned?

Heart health

This month there will be lots of love going around, because of Valentine’s Day of course. But where does the feeling of love come from? Your heart. It is Heart Health awareness month. This is the 50th birthday of the holiday. Not everybody this month will think about the importance of their heart, they will […]

Snowed in… AGAIN!

With the winter we have been having, it is a wonder that we have had classes at all semester. Meteorologists keep making calls for up to a foot of snow repeatedly week after week, and it has created a sense of foreshadowing to whether or not school will be in session the next day. I […]

What was I supposed to be doing again?

Facts: – Procrastination can be defined as putting off or delaying or defering an action to a later time – Pies Steel, a professor at Calgary’s Haskayne School of Business, stated that 95% of the population procrastinates at times – 1 out of 5 people procrastinate so bad that it may be affecting their jobs, […]

Semester at Sea: coming full circle

Last semester I embarked on an incredible four month journey with Semester at Sea. A four month study abroad program that takes place on a cruise ship. 115 days, 15 countries. Before we all got off the ship – a mere month ago – there were questions that were tossed around. What are you going […]

We can go the distance

JENNAROSE: You know that quote that begins “distance doesn’t matter?” Well, I sure do. I’m currently in a long distance relationship and I’m not afraid to admit it. My boyfriend graduated from Cabrini last May. We were never what you call “Facebook official” we weren’t even dating officially, just hanging out as friends who became […]

Never lose sight of the magic in Christmas

“Do you want me to call Santa?” and “you know he’s watching,” is a threat most children receive during their early years of life. From their very first Christmas, proud parents buy presents for their newborns claiming them to be from the very personification of the spirit of Christmas himself, Santa Claus. From the moments […]


In the spirit of Christmas

It’s that week again, that dreaded time between finals, last day of classes, and the mountain of work keeping us from Winter Break. Especially with Thanksgiving and Christmas being close together this year, it seems as though there is not enough time to stop and smell the hot chocolate and peppermint.

Two times the turkey, two times the thanks

Thanksgiving has always been a little different in my world. Now we all still have the turkey and potatoes and stuffing and pie, however, I’m fortunate enough to have two Thanksgivings. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been doing Thanksgiving dinner at my dad’s house on Thursday, and then at my mom’s house […]

Gobble! Gobble! Gobble!

Gathered around the table, the smell of turkey being prepared fills the house. For many lucky enough to engage in this reality, it’s a time to appreciate what we have. Back in New Jersey, nestled on a quiet street away from any major roads, sits the house I grew up in; my home. This is […]

Thanksgiving: an overlooked holiday?

As someone whose birthday falls in late November and a huge food consumption enthusiast, I love Thanksgiving. On a less superficial note, I love spending time with friends and family. I love seeing my younger cousins’ faces light up when they find out they’re old enough for the big kids table. It doesn’t get old […]