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Domestic Violence

Cabrini College Communication Department seniors created this web site both to educate Pennsylvania elementary school teachers about Domestic Violence and to give teachers ways to help students living with Domestic Violence.


Youth Voices Rise: the Arab awakening

Cabrini College Communication Department seniors created this site based on interviews conducted with young people and others involved in the Arab Awakening.


Increasing The Peace: Peacebuilding after conflict and natural disasters

Cabrini College Communication Department seniors created this website based on over 60 interviews conducted with individuals and peacebuilding organizations worldwide.

Men's basketball: one set of dreams

Men’s basketball: one set of dreams

Men’s basketball is one of the most popular sports at Cabrini and they bring all of their hopes to the court. Be sure to make it to a game before the end of the season! Check out the full episode only on LOQation’s official YouTube channel!

Coutu in Swaziland with the mission

Service in Swaziland produces meaningful impact

Faculty and a student travelled to Swaziland over the winter break to work with the Cabrini mission and the outcome of the trip was more powerful than one would have expected. Check out the full episode only on LOQation’s official YouTube channel!

Student scanning IDs at the first dance of the semester

New dance policy is enforced

The first student organization run dance since October occurred this past weekend and students were ready to spend their night on the dance floor, but this time under stricter regulations. Find out what has changed since then and what could have been the reason behind it. Check out the full episode only on LOQation’s official […]

Jon French sits down with Dr. Duncan

The Com Department’s New Major Brings in a New Face

Dr. Felicity Duncan is the newest addition to the communication department’s hot-off-the-press major, digital communication and social media, and is already booked with teaching three packed classes. Our own Jon French got to sit down with her and learn a bit more about her background and new journey at Cabrini. Check out the full episode […]

Line of students at #DoBlue

Cabrini’s night to #DoBlue

Last year, Cavalier Traditions began hosting #DoBlue once a season to hype students up for the men’s basketball season and the night has  been going strong. Over 100 fans came out to support the Cavaliers this year and this event has set the standard. Check out the full episode only on LOQation’s official YouTube channel!

Jaxson Utain from Team IMPACT

Men’s lacrosse signs child with Team IMPACT

The men’s lacrosse team has signed Jaxson Utain to their roster by uniting with Team IMPACT to give back to the community. This eager and willing 9 year old is ecstatic to be a Cavalier and a member of his dream team. Check out the full episode only on LOQation’s official YouTube channel!

Students Jennifer Alcalde and Ayesha Ahmad doing snow day work for their canceled classes on Jan. 27. (Mackenzie Harris/Editor in Chief)

Juno is killing us with work, students say

Nor’easter Juno brought back the #CabriniBlackout for the fourth time in this school year alone with a smaller amount of snow than what the meteorologists were predicting and of course additional school work. According to text messages sent out last year via Cabrini’s emergency text services, there were a total of eight days when Cabrini […]

List of unique courses for the spring semester. (Joey Rettino/Managing Editor)

Unique courses added to spring semester.

Semesters have gone by where students have searched for interesting courses to fit into their curriculum. Whether its an elective or a core course, each student wants some excitement to look forward to on a day-to-day basis. This spring semester, Cabrini has spiced up their choices and added not-so-regular classes to add a bit of […]

Shelf that showcases language CDs in the Holy Spirit Library. (Brianna Morrell/Asst. Social Media Editor)

Grant allows students to have access to new languages from CDs

Students received an email over the long winter break about the newest addition to the Holy Spirit library. The department of romance languages was given a grant to have Pimsleur Language CD-ROMs in the library, available for students and staff to check out. These CD-ROMs are a wide variety of multi-disk sets offered in many […]


Public safety enforces handicapped parking restrictions

Public safety sent out an email in November explaining the stricter enforcements on handicapped parking.  It has been a pattern that students without handicap tags park in handicapped spots for short amounts of time. Students, staff and faculty campus-wide received the email explaining the consequences for parking in the spots.  Many students have difficulty finding […]

Amber Dietrich using a selfie stick to snap a picture with her friends at the first dance of the year. (Submitted/Amber Dietrich)

New policies implemented to school dances

      If your club or organization is planning a dance, be aware of changes to the dance policy. It is now a requirement that two full-time faculty or staff members must be present during the entire dance. Your club adviser and another faculty/staff member are acceptable or two other faculty/staff if your advisor […]

Abbie Keefe/Asst. News Editor

Finding the textbooks for a new semester

Some students and administration may be having issues with the school’s book store’s prices as well as getting the correct amount of books ordered for students in a timely fashion. In the result of a student not being able to get their hands on their classes textbooks early on when classes first begin, students become […]

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State of the Union spelled out

In the State of the Union last week on Tuesday, Jan. 20, President Obama focused the nation’s attention on higher education, a topic that is extremely important to all students, professors and everyone who works at Cabrini. President Obama looked back in our nation’s history, how we became a great nation, first by instituting free […]

Members of the choir performing in the Grace Hall atrium on Martin Luther King Day. (Najah Dingle/Staff Writer)

Student Diversity office and Wolfington Center hold MLK Day event

Everyone has their own definition of service. Service is supposed to put an effect on people lives and help them through a hard time. Is the service you are doing enough? Tom Southard, interim director of the Wolfington center and Stephanie Reed, director of student diversity initiatives put together a community discussion about “Service Beyond […]

The main path leading to the entrance of Woodcrest Hall thats been cleared and salted after a snow storm by Cabrini facilities. (Joey Rettino/Managing Editor)

In wake of Nor’easter Juno, college closes doors

The campus closed early on the evening of Monday, Jan. 26 until Wednesday, Jan. 28 due to tentative inclement weather predictions. The school community was made aware of the early closure at 1:47 P.M., Monday afternoon. Jazzman’s Café, Sandella’s and Cav’s Corner all adopted abbreviated service hours, but not The RAC Grille, which was operating […]

Dr. Don Taylor. file photo by Amarra Boone/Photo Editor

Cabrini freezes tuition until May 2016

Cabrini has chosen to freeze undergraduate tuition fees at $28,932 until May 2016. In addition to tuition fees, room and board will also stay as is for the 2015-2016 school year. This decision comes in the wake of the college’s largest incoming class in six years and falls in accordance with the college’s pledge to […]

Is there any point to resolutions?

Everyone has a New Year’s resolution and it usually consists of eating better and exercising more frequently. I’m here to tell you that that is bullshit. Sorry guys, but it’s true. Do you honestly think that you are actually going to go to the gym in the frigid weather? Chances are you will freeze to […]

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Snow days are blissful days spent with friends, sleeping in, drinking and not going to classes. Cabrini’s new policy implements online homework in case of snow days. Will students still be praying for snow  and sleeping with their pajamas inside out ?

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow (or no?)

When I think of winter, I think of the bone-chilling temperatures that come along with it. Personally, I dread the winter time; the cold temperatures make me feel lazy and getting out of bed in the morning for class is definitely a struggle. Also, I often find myself counting down the days until spring break […]


Police brutality must come to a stop

  Are the police officers just doing their jobs, or are their actions considered police brutality? There have been many situations that have happened that shocked the nation, due to police brutality. Racism is the topic of discussion all around America. The Eric Garner case is the most recent incident that has the nation talking […]

Pickle App

People that want to practice improving their selfie game in a way that is cool and fun will love this app. It is simple to use. If you see yourself as a “Selfie Queen or King” prove you deserve to wear the crown. You can battle your friends, family, girlfriend or boyfriend. It is just […]

Are the winter blues for real?

As winter hits its stride and the vibrant colors of fall turn to gray, the winter blues kick in for some students. Winter can be a very stressful season. Shopping for Christmas gifts, planning parties, hitting traffic while driving to extended family’s houses and the overall change of weather can be a huge burden to […]

The cabrini women’s swim team stand a the top of the AMCC conference with a 6-6 record.

Melchiorre becoming household name for Cavaliers

It’s always special for a collegiate sports team when you witness one of your players work hard and go about their business to achieve so much. The women’s swim team believes they have found a swimmer that they can count on to lead the team for the next two years. Christina Melchiorre, a sophomore at […]

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Women’s basketball team travels to San Juan

Unlike everyone else, the women’s basketball team didn’t spend their winter break watching Netflix. Instead they went to Puerto Rico for the week. The lady Cavs have been planning this trip for two years and participated in a basketball tournament. During the tournament in Puerto Rico the women’s basketball team played some highly ranked teams including […]

Women’s basketball team huddles and gets pumped up for #DoBlue.

Lady Cavs cap off #DoBlue with 35-point win over Centenary

Fans, students, alumni, faculty and staff all gather together to support the Lady Cavs basketball team for #DoBlue. Cavalier Traditions, a student-run club, and advisor Nick Guldin hosted #DoBlue for the second year. Cavalier Traditions creates different events to get students involved in school spirit. Cavalier traditions started from the alumni office and branched itself […]