Wreck It Ralph Movie Review

By Lia Ferrante
November 18, 2012

In the new movie, Wreck It Ralph, it has all audiences going back in time and remembering their early childhood memories. From Pac-Man to old-school Mario there is a favorite video game that everyone remembers.

The movie is action packed, filled with humor and comedy and wonderful voice overs from a talented cast and crew.

It will bring any family closer together on a movie night out. It teaches the audiences that everyone has a secret hero that they want to let out and show off to the world.

The movie is about one 8-bit video game character that wants to let go of his bad-guy image and wants to let everyone know that a bad-guy can be good too.

Wreck-It-Ralph, voiced by John C. Reilly, is the villain to Fix-It Felix from the popular video game movie title. The movie is placed in a video game store.

The audience is attached to the characters and leaped from the theater into the video game world and into the actual game. The character’s worlds in this movie are through the electric cords behind the video game consoles. While watching the movie it feels as if you are actually in the video game itself.

To prove that Ralph can overcome his bad guy image, he hops into another video game. In order for Ralph to accomplish this, he has to sneak in and not be recognized. If Ralph dies in a game other than his, he automatically vanishes and is lost forever. Ralph shows courage and dedication.

To prove himself, he needs to win a medal from another game. He hops into a highly advanced combat game featuring the soldier Sergeant Calhoun, voice by Jane Lynch. He trespasses into the game and wins the medal without getting caught but causes trouble along the way.

In each scene, there is laughter and adventure from each character. The movie itself has fantastic graphics and the characters seem almost real.

Ralph gets into more trouble than he thought he would get in and wants to do what is right.  With the help of leaping into other games and meeting new friends, he finds the courage to allow his own game to see him more than just a bad guy, but as a friend to count on.

He tries to help set things right and he wants to finally unleash his inner hero that he has kept inside for so many years. Ralph shows bravery to save the arcade from destruction and to make sure his game doesn’t get unplugged.

Lia Ferrante

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