Work hard, play hard on thirsty Thursdays

By Michelle Costa
September 17, 2009

Not only have Thirsty Thursdays become a hit trend; they have certainly become a custom at Cabrini and other colleges and universities across the country.

Thursdays have become the unofficial start to the weekend in the college world, but why?

Recent studies have shown that binge-drinking rates are increasing at the college level and affecting students’ overall academic performance and GPA.

Do students avoid scheduling classes on Fridays, in order to live their Thirsty Thursdays to the fullest?

The answer? Well there are many; some say it is to simply get an early start to the weekend, while others say it’s a recovery period from the night before.

In the eyes of Cabrini students, not having classes on Fridays is really not the end of the world.

If classes throughout the week fill requirements and time is used wisely to catch up and relax on Fridays then what is the problem? Some colleges and universities have implemented mandatory alcohol-based education programs, to put a stop to drinking on Thursdays.

However, after a long and strenuous week of classes, a one-day break will do students good to both enjoy socializing and focus on their studies.

Laura Lombardi, senior English and communication major and weekly bar hopper, agrees that Thursdays have marked the end of the school week.

“Fridays have become more of a resting and catch up day. That’s why we never schedule Friday classes! A four day weekend is better then two days,” Lombardi said.

Laura Beck, recent Cabrini alum, thinks that college should not be an “all work and no fun environment.”

“I believe that students should be aware of why they are in college and taking classes, which is to gain knowledge that will prepare them for a professional career,” Beck said.

“Students should engage in the social activities that are associated with college life; otherwise, they will not be able to focus on their studies because they feel too stressed and overworked,”Beck said.

Many students agree that it is better to not schedule any Friday classes, rather than not waking up in time and skipping early classes.

“I designate two days of partying, one being Thirsty Thursday and the other one being my self-titled day of ‘Sankey’ Saturday,” Ryan Sankey, sophomore communication major, said.

“It is a smart choice on my part to find a class on another day, rather than give a poor effort and therefore be given a low grade because of my lazy effort,” Sankey said.

There will continue to be mixed emotions as to what is the right way to go about studies and “play time.” It is all about establishing a sense of balance, finding the right way to have a little of both. Work hard, play hard.

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Michelle Costa

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