Women’s tennis pumped for PAC finals

By Nicoletta Sabella
October 28, 2005

The Cabrini women’s tennis team are the reigning champions of the Pennsylvania Athletic Conference by winning against Marywood on October 19. A 6-3 win boosted the team into winning the PAC championships for a second year in a row.

Many of the players agreed that Marywood was their biggest competition.

“Marywood, they’ve won the conference for something like 12 out of the past 15 years, something outrageous like that, and they were really mad that we won last year. So this year, they were pretty much out to defend what they thought was their title last year.” Rachel Shore, senior special education/elementary education major said.

“We were so hyped up going into that match, we knew we needed to (and would) win.” Caitlin Scott captain and junior marketing major said.

Although Scott was ready for the match and had her heart set on winning, problems with wind and unfamiliar courts had influence in her falling behind to 4-1. She realized how important it was for her to win this match for her team and redeemed herself by pulling the score up to 8-6 the first set and 6-3 in the second.

In the championship, there are nine matches going on at once: three doubles, and six singles. Each match is one point. Along with Scott’s win, three more singles matches were won by Dina DiTaranto, Carolyn Wilson and Jackie Creighton. Two of the three doubles matches were won by partners DiTaranto and Scott, and Wilson and Rodgers.

The girls got ready for their undefeated season in mid-August, a couple of weeks before classes started. They were doing drills and ran a lot. Their schedule currently during the season consists of six days of practice from about 3:15-5:45 p.m. On days where the weather is inclement, they practice indoors at the Radnor Raquet Club.

In the fall season, some of team members feel that four courts to play on is not enough for home games. Many other schools have six or more courts. Recently, one of Cabrini’s courts was resurfaced, leaving the team with only three courts to play on.

The tennis team only has one senior player, but five new freshmen this season. With only one player leaving, the team will not change much in the years to come. “This season we have a very young team. That being said, we’ve done extremely well and come very far this season.” Scott, who has been playing tennis since seventh grade, said.

“I never thought that I would make such close friends with the girls on the team. It was a nice surprise.” freshman Lisa Rodgers said.

Shore, the only senior player, has a herniated disk from a car accident. As a result she has gone from playing singles to playing doubles. Although she cannot play as much as she hoped to this year, she still will end her last year with a good taste in her mouth. “It was really fun. The team is really close.” Shore said. “Since this is my senior year, it was kind of like I’ve only got three weeks left in my entire tennis career. [Now] I’ve only got one week left; it’s a lot more emotional.” Shore has been playing for about 11 years.

The overall season was successful according to the players. “[It was] very good. We all get along and everyone played their best.” Daniella Rende, freshman pre-physical therapy major, said.

When asked what the goal is for next year, many of the players were determined to win PACs again. Scott said, “Hopefully our team will grow and we will build ourselves up to be an even better team. Our coach is constantly looking for new players to bring in and hopefully add even more depth and strength to the team.”

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Nicoletta Sabella

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